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d100 Books Found In A Dungeon

So this is a quickie inspired by Tower of The Archmage post featuring a miniture dungeon library that i could only dream of.

d100 Books Found In A Dungeon
01 How to Recharge a Wizards Wand - secrets of  stamina for the lonely enchanter
02 Experiments With Troll Flesh - hundreds of gross things to do with a troll corpses
03 Why I Hate Bards - a collection of rants collected from hundreds of adventurers
04 How I Ate My Mother - confessions of a lycanthrope
05 Management Secrets of The Orcs - dungeon boss guide to managing minions
06 Dungeon Design of the 38th Kobold Empire - with blueprints and trap designs
07 Carnivorous Plant Arranging - guide to decorating your tower with monster plants
08 Raising Baby Owlbears - a complete guide to feeding and fattening owlbears
09 To Serve Man - a cookbook for monsters with 363 recipes to cook humans
10 Vampire In My Catacomb - guide to hunting vampires in your family mausoleum
11 Goblin Mating Habits a Illustrated Guide - exotica porn for strange wizards
12 Guide to toad and Newt Licking for Beginners - documents 450 species
13 What Is Inside A Elf - vivisectionist manual for elven studies
14 Bugbear Head Pickling and Shrinking Methodology vol 12
15 Mutant Venereal Diseases In Slum Populations - with over 300 detailed illustrations
16 Diary of a Rot Grub - experimental literature from a hundred and fifty years ago
17 Ecology of the Flumph - detailed but mostly copied from previous essays
18 Devil Swine Spawn of Hell - possibly paranoid delusions of wizard sure he was spied on
19 Erotic Spectres of Exile Island vol4 - sexy supernatural manifestations
20 Dwarvern Secret Glory Holes - description of abandoned mines
21 Delightful Hobbit Holes - decor and design of over 40 hobbit houses
22 Flesh pits of Xor, A complete guide - hopeless flawed book based on hearsay
23 A Treasury of barbarian Catch Phrases - collected from taverns and bars across the world
24 Pleasure Palaces of The East - written by ex concubine
25 Orc Humour of the Eastern Hills Dungeon Complex Level Three - not very funny at all
26 Sex Secrets of a Doppelganger - fictional account based on lurid fantasies of author
27 Dungeon Invertebrates and their Lives F-J - detailed boring book on dungeon bugs
28 Seedy Pamphlets of Shadelport - compilation of forbidden street publications
29 Pixie Lexicon G-H - dictionary of pixie language, mostly beyond human audio wavelength
30 Reptile Men Temples of the Upper River District vol 4 - descriptions of long lost buildings
31 Tumors and Growths a complete Guide - medical manual and surgical guide
32 My Life With A Nymph - unintentional sexy treatise by famous scholar
33 Brick Laying Techniques of the Kobolds Vol 9 - guide to brick styles and laying patterns
34 Halfling Pipes and Curing Methods - complete guide to halfling drug abuse
35 Intermediate Torture Manual - from the secret police training fortress library, long overdue
36 Alchemical Supply Catalogue - from Shadelport glassworks and alchemical supply co
37 Witch Burning Made Simple - by famous witch hunter who was burned at the stake
38 My Life As A Newt - autobiography from wizard cursed bard
36 Paladins, Saintly Slaughterers or Crackpot Cult - critique of famous paladin's flaws
37 Prison Log - detailing prisoners and sentences and incidents of over a hundred years
38 Invisible Horrors of the Microscopic World - descriptions of microscope observations
39 Goats Plot Among Us - wizard theorises that goats are up to something and are intelligent
40 Dungeon Security and Design - by royal dungeon engineer of the old empire
41 Realms of the Underworld - explorers journal of the underlands connecting hundreds of dungeons
42 Sex Secrets of the Troglodytes - a touching intimate portrait of sub human romance
43 Beatinetics a Guide to Educating Children - explains how beating improves learning
44 Ogre Economics - theories as to how ogres make their money in compilation of essays
45 Goblin Morphology - theories explaining goblinoid races relations
46 Mineralogy of Electrum - theories about electrum being natural or divine or ancient
47 Hobgoblin Aphorisms - a dictionary of hobgoblin phrazes and real meanings
48 Goblin Poetry - mostly ancestral lineages and terrible heroic purple prose
49 Constellations and You - a once popular astrology text but skies have changes since then
50 Phrenology of the Humanoids - scholar treatise on humanoid skull measurements and personality
51 Chaos Goat Secrets - tales of goat battling and magical properties reputed to come from milk
52 Kobold Pottery - drawings of kobold pots and ornaments and stratiographic diagrams
53 Beast Men Mating Secrets - lurid love rites of monster men as observed by priest
54 Monasteries of the Mad Monks - stories of depraved monks based on gossip and rumour
55 Lost Relics of the Monster Gods - describes terrible artifacts of destruction but often flawed
56 Folk Tales of the Farming Folk - gruesome tales for educating children
57 Hairdressing For the Emperors Court - hair styles long forgotten with diagrams
58 Blood Rites of Forbidden Cults - lurid possibly untrue tales of human sacrifice
59 Lubrication of Dungeon Fittings - guide to making mechanisms work quietly
60 Seed Catalogue - list and description of farm seed from Shadelport seed bank
61 Conduct in the Hells - manners explained to help souls migrate through the nine hells
62 Great Court Feats of the Empire Vol 57 - highly prized by cooks for decadent food porn
63 Pickle Merchants of the Lowlands - definitive work on pickle types village by village
64 Ruins of the Bone Forest - discussion on the the long lost kingdom  smothered by the woods
65 Brutal Torments of the Black Dungeon - details of torture of famous victims
66 Fleshcaft - magic and artistic uses of flesh and flayed skin bound in human leather
67 Tattoos of Criminal Gangs of Shadelport - document hundreds of tattoos of mostly defunct gangs
68 Halfling Handycrafts - documents knitting, weaving, pottery and other domestic arts
69 Halfling Recopies - actually a book on eating and butchering halflings by evil elves
70 Metalwork Ornaments of the North - drawings of metal designs of decorated functional items
71 Hoards of the Deep - lists of found and lost treasure describing most valuable and magical
72 1001 Filthy Limericks - potty humour with detailed footnotes for the witless
73 Harlots of the Redlight District - actually a non erotic book of medical examinations and welfare
74 Of Bondage and Beatings - guide to beating and knot tying for sadists and slaves
75 Light Operettas of the Masters - guide to stage craft, costume and music of popular entertainment
76 Corset Making - elaborate guide to making corsets and selecting bones and animal parts
77 Whimsy of the Dancing Owlbears - describing the cruel spectacles of the empires court
78 The Art of Shanking - how to make shanks, slit throats and stab people by master thief
79 Hating Orcs - guide to hating orcs and why orcs are all bastards, includes how to torture them
80 Goats I Have Known - a nobleman's ode to goats he loved in beautiful verse
81 Racing Flail Snails - disastrous accounts of this empire court folly in fashion 300 years ago
82 Erotic Lycanthropy - curious wizards love making with various monster shape shifters
83 Rat Populations of the City Sewers - documents many rodent types and detailed population studies
84 A History of Artificial Limbs - with useful diagrams for surgeons
85 Underland Fishing Stories - fish catching in underground wells and lakes and dangers
86 Eunuch Making for Pleasure and Prophet - guide written in the western desert kingdoms
87 Succubi and other Attractive Denizens of the Deep - erotic misadventures with monsters
88 Harlot's Tales - stories collected from elderly prostitutes and mistresses of the the rich
89 Dungeon Engravings & Writings - thousands of graffiti texts from dungeons
90 Goat Herder Songs of the Southern Hill Country - exactly what the title says
91 Witches I Have Burned - collections of legal documents and case files of a witch hunter
92 Misanthropy and Nihlism for Beginners - written as revenge on world by prison inmate
93 Endurance for Lovemaking - folk remedies to improve sex life and cure male impotency
94 Dog Breeds of the Humanoids - detailed lore on breeds, training and recipes of dungeon dogs
95 Folk Instruments of the Goblins - detailed drawings and descriptions
96 Demons I have Summoned - descriptions and summoning tips of dozens of demons
97 Secrets of the Black Barron - a forbidden book of mostly lies by a bard of the empire
98 Beautiful Boys of the Docklands - guide to pederasty for city noblemen
99 Married Woman's Almanac - medical advice, child keeping tips and recipes
100 Codpiece Collecting - descriptions of the codpieces of all the major races and regions

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