Saturday 14 November 2015

Today at Bezerka Con...

SAGA game for my first try - really good game. Will try crossfire soon and try some more history/modern war games.

My murder highway game didnt float but i got to play with my toys and phone cam.

I got some monster minis for my collection that fit in with 1/72nd. Some nice demons and a ap with a mini gun hand and by my scale about 5m tall. I have awesome amount of apes in my collection i think will send road gamers to uplifted ape sanctuary. So will look for more reaper minis. Saw for $300 three boxes of wall and floor pieces for dungeon gaming with a cave set but work shifts are shrinking and I have holidays.

I ran a intro session from a Indian family of five that was pretty good. Simple Blue Holmes but varied damage and used stats for as many rolls as possible on a d20 which made them very effective and made thief shine. Nice to see a family of murder hobo's and used my dungeon shanty town and a hollow mountain over run with adventurers. Evil party met and cleriv talked everyone ito getting along. Later after losses the wsurviving warror and lay wizard joined party but tried to corrupt them into selling slaves and torture. Prisoners tried to escape while party in fight. Killed a kobold boss and a shaman with his zombie guard in magical darkness. Party made good loot and sold evil fighters kit. I ended it in 2 hours as most ppl don't get time commitment of gaming and attention span. They hung out all day in games area. Blueholme lets you get in fast and cheap and you can do plenty for nothing rpg wise now days with the web.

Saw Jez! in meatpace with his art and game.

Was kinda half full but fun and is a new thing and trying to be different which i appreciated. Nice to be able to help with some events and signage.

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