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Otherworldy Relics pt 2 Unearthly Powers


While im not online as much as i should - have written lots of tables for my roadwar game on my notebook inspired by con sessions. Sorry not posting much - lots of work, flu and arthritis slowing me down. Have got lots of nice toys and books and comics. Cthulhu wars and red and pleasant land. Moon Knight comics. More 1/72 minis.

Also i thought about my 1918 weird war one setting idea more - too many ww2 games out there - im thinking ww1 with martian tripods, undead germans  (like in sucker punch) - between steam and deco punk - feature flying aces, secret society wars, mystery men, land ironclads, aerial dreadnaughts and of course cthulhu (the chocolate coating of game genres = bums on seats) - a dawn patrol based game for next con (3 sessions) and tsr marvel: masters of evil vs avengers, (3 sessions) - i will go to zine fair instead other days I can make $300 selling zines instead of working for free.

At con learned a lot about my organisation-interfacing skills and need work with con bit better. I am way too used to charging money and bad rockstar antics from being a artist and entertainer for 20 years. Im still shy at awards and con I feel compared to my other arenas I feel professionally authoritative with. I guess there are a whole bunch of gamer ego and argument styles i can be less patient for now. Twenty nine years of reading history, pre modern poetry, philosophy and the classics makes me less of a fanboy than i was at 16. My enthusiasm and faith for corporate pop has waned. I dont trust companies top monetise my dreams as product. I have more hope on G+ and blogger community than most brands. I did have some pleasant arguments. I am far better at rhetoric than logic and probably feel a need to be "nicer" among gamer peers and nerd culture than say politics. One player said I am a horrible human being for my cthulhu death race game which i took as a compliment. I will use big classroom white boards better next time as they enhanced game play with lists of npc, initiative order, etc.


So here is part two listing of unearthly powers for relics.

I'm considering the items have alignment restrictions with one part of alignment in common to use mundane powers and two parts of alignment in common to use unearthly powers. Possibly also need  approval of some being (monster, god, queen) might be required or Name level status.

Items are typically linked to the god or elf king or elemental ruler. They might disprove of user and punish them with minions or steal your lover or something more personal. They might also send rewards or a message or a vision.

Other world entities may be offended at abuse of item and may try to reclaim or kill user

You might be nice and declare that empathic light shedding +1 door detecting swords might actually be a otherworldly relic and declare it activated and more powers appear. Seems a bit sad to retire old magic weapons when they add to character. This class of item can be good to make tings to suit a character. Heirloom campaign where each starts with one item and it grows with the wielder would be fun.

Just to note most effects activate when item used which might require you say items name "In the power of...". Intelligent items might set off powers and effects. DM might set off just for narrative driving reasons.

Many effects suit occasional use with activation or actually succeeding at a task

d100 Unearthly Effect
01 Blazing Star Eyes
02 Molten pool of fire eyes
03 Spectacular horns of power
04 Surrounded by a rainbow
05 Blazing pyrotechnics accompany unearthly effects
06 Unearthly booming inhuman voice
07 Blazing with inner power
08 Floats gently a few inches from ground
09 Extra eye of power opens on your forehead
10 Shimmering rays of power emanate from your head
11 Rays of warm light comes from your burning coal eyes
12 Eyes burn with ebony flame that blaze when emotional
13 Skin becomes perfect and metallic, possibly colour tinted
14 Body swells and bursts horrifically without harm as powers used
15 Your presence is felt by every living and thinking thing one level per 1"
16 As power used flashes of lightning shoot across the sky
17 Brilliant glow as powers used leaving motes of light trailing behind
18 Smoke comes from mouth and nose of wielder as speaks and breathes
19 Loud music from other world accompanies power use
20 The ground shakes under your feet
21 Visage of a god or great being appears as power called on
22 For a moment all near get glimpse into a otherworld overlapping this one
23 Strange omens alert soothsayers and diviners to your arrival
24 Light dims to shadow or twilight nearby
25 Sun blazes and swells as item used increasing local heat, otherworld environment leaking through
26 Air chills and fog rises as power used, otherworld environment leaking through
27 Acrid cloud of vapour irritates everything in in area, otherworld environment leaking through
28 Gravity changes in area, in rippling waves of chaos, otherworld environment leaking through
29 Spirits recognise relic, some will be tempted to meddle
30 A humanoid race or monster species bears hatred of the weapon and wielder
31 Hero leaves a trail of echo forms and time seems to slow in area during combat or action
32 Magical glowing runes cover your body
33 Mighty horns of mystic power emanate from you showing wearers alignment
34 A halo of mystical life force produces a 1"/lv glow of power
35 Fanfare of horns from the other world sounds
36 Undead for miles around sense it
37 Reptilians for miles around sense it
38 Beings of certain alignment dislike weapon and wielder on sight
39 Higher beings monitor wielder and may be compelled to advise but not help
40 Magical sparkles and breeze cover area
41 Shadow covers all and gives living a chill
42 A haunted choir chant from beyond, fills all with dread or cheer depending on alignment
43 Ground shakes and the ground cracks
44 When used item emanates waves of light and wearer compelled to name item aloud
45 All in area hear a semi subsonic scream that hurts their teeth
46 Air pressure increases around wielder and waves of pressure emanate from them
47 Wielder floats and is supported by wind or anti gravity or magnetic fields or something
48 Unearthly boom is heard for a great distance, nearby temporarily deafened
49 Every non magical being in 3" loses one HP (only 1HP per being per day), plants and bugs die
50 Wielder wracked by terrible pain, CON save or cant run or hold anything
51 The air swarms with spirits made temporarily visible
52 Screaming phantoms form chase those nearby then vanish like mist
53 A fearsome phantom planar being (depending on alignment) forms over user and menaces enemies
54 Hovering form of patron entity of item over wielder, visible to all
55 Thousands of bugs, lizards and frogs crawl from our flesh when used
56 You vomit d4 1=vile sludge 2=bile 3=blood 4=worms in amounts equal to your mass when used
57 Your skull burns with mystic fire making you a nightmare
58 A mystical glowing crown forms over your head when used
59 Struck by lightning from sky or earth if underground
60 Struck by a ray from strongest light source (probably the sun), will make clouds part
61 You adopt a phantom form of a great otherworldly beast for a moment
62 Small planar beings (cherubs, imps, gremlins)  appear and blow horns, and move about you
63 Small planar beings use your body as a gateway type depending on your alignment conviction
64 Weeping cries of dead heard from the depths of the earth
65 Sweet sobs and tears of enlightened beings descend from the heavens
66 Booming voice you use to boast, announce self and trash talk foes
67 Throbbing low pitch noise increases as power used
68 Cold frosty blast from user coats all nearby in frost
69 Attract hundred insects type depending on alignment
70 Nearby mammals lactate
71 Hair glows, grows larger and it moves in unearthly manner
72 Float above ground surrounded by motes of light
73 Creatures boil up from earth to worship them
74 Footprints burst into flame last and next 100 feet
75 Mystic flame erupts around wielder
76 Skin glows with unearthly light
77 Flesh becomes transparent
78 Skin becomes transparent
79 Tiny birds or bats fly around user
80 Skin becomes scaly and eyes reptilian
81 Skin becomes feathered
82 Flesh becomes semi transparent crystal
83 Fingernails and teeth grow long and menacing
84 Temporarily mutated by chaos
85 Temporarily seem mechanical under influence of law
86 Take form of first wielder of relic
87 Liquid pours from skin and item d4 1=honey 2=wine 3=milk 4=rose water
88 Liquid pours from skin and item d4 1=ectoplasm 2=tears 3=blood 4=foul ichor
89 Strong odour pours from skin and item d4 1=flowers 2=food 3=incense 4=rotten meat
90Tiny elementals, fairies or imps dance about user depending on relic alignment
91 Snowflakes form in air around user as air cools
92 Steam pours from wielders skin in use forming a fog cloud
93 Flowers or fungus sprout from around wielder
94 Otherworldly glowing magic glyphs form on skin then drift away
95 Rainbow forms around wielder
96 Phantasmal but harmless explosion erupts from wielder when used
97 Ice forms on ground around wielder
98 Light sources like candles, torches or magic light up when powers used
99 Light sources like candles, torches or magic turn off  when powers used
100 Spirits become visible in area for a few moments

d100 Unearthly Powers
01 Prayer three times per day
02 Restoration once per day
03 Stone wall once per day
04 Ice wall once per day
05 Fire wall once per day
06 Bone wall once per day
07 Polymorph other once per day
08 Polymorph self once per day
09 Dimension Door once per day
10 Fireball three per day
11 Lightning bolt three per day
12 Cone of cold 3 times per day
13 Ice storm three times a day
14 Magic missile one per round
15 Shocking grasp once per round
16 Turn Undead three times per day
17 Command Undead three times per day
18 Raise or lower water three times a day
19 Contact other plane once per day
20 Commune once per day
21 Curse 3 times a day
22 Blindness three times a day
23 Magic jar once per day
24 Charm monster once per day
25 Speak with stone once per day
26 Speak with plants once per day
27 Speak with animals at will
28 Tongues  three times a day
29 Comprehend languages at will
30 Fire Shuriken once per round
31 Rock to mud three times per day
32 Mud to rock once per day
33 Flesh to stone once per day
34 Stone to flesh once per day
35 Teleport once per week
36 Dispel Magic three times per day
37 Summon once per day
38 Conjure Elemental once per day
39 Conjure Invisible Stalker once per week
40 Identify at will
41 History at will
42 Quest once per day
43 Phantom killer once per day
44 Astral Travel once per week
45 Cure Disease once per day
46 Remove Curse once per day
47 Raise dead once per week
48 Resurrection once per month
49 Banishment once per day
50 Summon once per week
51 Beings under 4 HD in 1" make a fear check if hostile to bearer
52 A fiery aurora damages attackers in melee attack 1d6 (2d6 at 10th lv) lasts one fight
53 Telepathic link to any one well known companion at will global  range but must concentrate for an hour
54 Speak to spirit of dungeon level and learn of its story, treasure and wandering inhabitants once a day
55 Tricks other items requiring specific race, class or user into working for wielder
56 Item can produce a humble meal for 100 persons a day
57 Item produces a fabulous feast for 10 with several courses but table and silver vanish after one hour
58 Shrink to bug size with 1hp at will (birds might eat you)
59 Summon or banish a comfortable double canopy bed from the otherworld at will
60 Summon or banish a mighty throne from the otherworld at will
61 +3 AC at will from d4 1=magic armour 2=mystic flame 3=glowing skin 4=auraura
62 +3d6 HP per day buffer
63 x2 Move
64 Raise a attribute to 18 if held d6 1=STR 2=CON 3=DEX 4=INT 5=WIS 6=CHA
65 Breathe water at will
66 Create darkness 100" for a hour once a day
67 Create light 100" for a hour once a day
68 Raise 100 zombies one a month
69 Rain blood 100 yard radius all 1HD creatures flee in fear once a day for one 10minute turn
70 Fire breath at will 1d8 extra attack 1" range per level 
71 Undead all think you are not a enemy if they are not attacked when power on
72 Once a month can summon a 12HD Octopus from any significant body of water to serve you
73 Once a month can make a other magic item become sentient
74 Can bless 10 bottles of holy water once per week
75 Once a month make a ordinary item +1 d4 1=weapon 2=armour 3=shields 4=missile
76 Once a week produces a specific magic potion type
77 Once a week produces a random potion possibly poison or cursed
78 Once a month opens portal to netherworld which one person per level may consult dead they know
79 Once a month releases a icy storm that lasts 1d6 hours over several miles
80 Once a week floods fog over an area a few miles across
81 Once a week 100 yard radius is covered by vines, covering walls and hiding things
82 Summon 1d6 shadows in hound form that attack closest person (including summoner) weekly
83 Can fuse 10HD of corpses into a zombie giant once a week, look horrendous
84 Summon a vampire weekly, will obey one request then devote life to killing summoner
85 Summon horde of gremlins over a city block area that make life horrible for years, once a week
86 Summon a small ice fortress once a month surrounded by fog, takes a week to melt generally
87 Summon a fissure in the earth 30 foot deep 20 wide and 100 foot long once a week
88 Create a well once a week offering years or longer of water in a 10-40 foot deep pit
89 Create a pit once a week releasing foul sulpher odours over area for years
90 Can be used to fuse animal bodies then reanimate as a monster once a month
91 Can turn all water in 100 feet into blood once a month - sea creatures dont mind as much as fresh
92 Summon a ghostly haunted manour once a month, remains a awful blight for decades
93 Ruins all farm crops within a mile once a week with blight and insects and mould
94 Makes all farm crops within a mile once a week fruit with greater fecundity
95 Make a unborn child become a monster once a day, usable on animals or people
96 Bless unborn baby daily to be born without complications and be an above average specimen
97 Can change appearance to any humanoid form and back daily, cosmetic only
98 Can turn your own blood into gold at will 1hp=1gp, on death your corpse becomes gold plated
99 Summon a faerie or sucubi/incubi lover once a week
100 Release a elder god or demon into world, will aid you once then leave, once a month

Sample Insect alignments
Bees Lawful good
Wasps Lawful evil
Crickets Chaotic Good
Dragon fly Chaotic Evil
Ant (and termites) Law
Fly Chaos
Scarab Good
Flea (mosquito) Evil
Moths & butterflies Neutral

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  1. Crickets are liars they pretend to be goodie doodie but if they invade your house in number it's clear (most certainly in the middle of the night) they are chaotic evil.


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