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The Blood Wizard Harvest

(I started this a month ago on holidays) So got to Adelaide and ate a ham and drank beer and hid from world at old friends house till dad turned up in a panic thinking I was dead because I didn't phone him. Anyway all plans I heard were concerning xmas eve so I was carried away to Goolwa with short notice. Have gotten a long way through my EMO dnd house rules book and Red Brick Book.

For now here is a school of necromancy: Blood magic
(thanks to Miss E, age 9 for help)
I mention other elemental-necromancer lists here and will do them later

Spell Format:

Spell Name
Range: Duration: Target: Save:

Blood magic
This is a school of Necromancy predating humanity that consistently re-appears on Exile Island. Probably due to the many remnants of prehuman and necromancer ruins. Partly due to blood necromancy one of several attempts by the elementals to re interest humanity in the elemental magic. When the Necromancer kings began to fragment after their thousand year reign many heresies developed. The elemental heresies led to the return of full blown elementalism that supported the barbarian hordes destroying the Necromancer kingdoms.

Blood magic is a hybrid of water elementalism and necromancy
Breath magic is a hybrid of air elementalism and necromancy
Body magic is a hybrid of earth elementalism and necromancy
Spirit magic is a hybrid of fire elementalism and necromancy

When calling or creating any water elemental being they may replace water with blood to make blood elementals for example. Another note is there are other spells from common wizard lists blood wizards use, especially making or summoning undead, ghoul touch and vampire touch spells. Generally prefer flesh and blood and gore to dessicated or bony undead. A version of a standard spell used by a blood wizard might have a more blood themed rational like a death spell variant called Congeal Blood or Boil Blood

These spells are found in the great book of blood the Hemonomicon. Rare to find a fully intact volume but fragments turn up. The complete book also includes recipe to create homonculi.

Spell Level zero (cantrips)

Range: 3" Target: one person Duration: one round  Save: CON Negates
Causes a blood nose on a foe or other petty bleeding messy wound. Some wizards use to fake mortal wounds, soil clothes, humiliate foes or make their own eyes bleed for dramatic effect. Causes no damage and results automatic if subject willing.

Range: touch, Duration: Target: Save:na
Stops a bleeding wound instantly stabilising any one below zero HP bleeding to death

Bloody Stain*
Range: 3" one target or 1" cone Save: DEX Negates
Squirts a cup of blood 3" or a cone fx spray over 1" staining the target with revolting warm blood, a DEX save can avoid getting hit. The reverse of the spell (remove bloody stain) removes a bloody stain from a outfit or small room or murder scene

Blood Knife
Range: own hand Duration:one round per level, Target: creates one knife Save:na
Sacrifice one HP and form a sharp functional knife that turns to useless blood spatter at end

Range: 3" Duration: 1 round Target: 1 medium creature Save: Negates
A stab of sharp pain makes target save or drop a weapon if cast on hand or if cast on foot of running person who fails a save will make them fall. Reverse makes a nasty cramp go away.

Slippery Clots
Range: 3" Duration: one turn Makes 1" radius circle per level
Anything passing through area or trying to grip slips in sticky thick congealed clots. Some animals may stop to eat it and forget chasing people

Detect Blood
Range: 6" Duration: Round Target: blood Save: None
Detects living beings with flowing blood or spilled blood, blocked by any wall over six inches

First Level

Thirsting blade
Range: Touch Duration: round/lv Target:one weapon Save:CON Negates
Cast on a weapon and anything it hits capable of bleeding will bleed one hit point per round until the spell duration ends. Example a 10th lv caster puts spell on a sword, on the next round it hits a victim who for the next 10 rounds loses a HP.

Vomit Blood*
Range: 10"/lv Duration: one round Target: one person Save: CON Negates
Cast on a target who loses next action while violently spewing up a gallon of vile blood and taking 1HP/lv. The reverse version lets you liquefy a corpse and devour it to gain the equivalent HP called Absorb Blood.

Reduce Wound*
Range: Touch Duration: round/lv Target: one being Save: CON negates if unwilling
Target takes one less point of damage per dice during the duration. The reverse is increase wound and victim takes one extra point damage per dice.  

Regenerate Wound*
Range: Touch Duration: round/lv Target one person: Save: CON negate if unwilling
Heals one point of damage per round. Reverse makes foe bleed from miraculous wound.

Second Level

Vampire Mist
Range:3 " per lv Duration: round/lv Target: 2" radius Save:na
Caster places the mist in a desired location, it appears as a cloud of red mist but it leeches one HP per round per living being who touches the mist in a round

Blood Charm
Range: 3" per lv Touch: Duration: 1 turn/lv Target: 1HD/lv Save: WIS negates
Caster can temporarily charm multiple HD of equal or lesser creatures as long as they are wounded or bleeding or have blood on them. The charmed victims each get a save to resist. Charmed victims will keenly obey most suggestions but if abused and mistreated may get extra saving throws. If controller treats them well they will charge to defend their master.

Blood Font
Range: Touch or 1"/lv Duration: round/ lv Target: One place on ground Save: None
Makes a pint of blood every round pump from a point on solid rock or earth. Can attract predators or defile a location or cook to produce one meal per pint. Some cook with rice or make blood sausage.

Blood Trace
Range: Duration: Target: one living being Save: None
If you have tasted blood of a living being can track that beings location, can follow a direct line to the targets location when spell cast. 

Open Wound
Range: 3" /lv Duration: round/lv Target: one living being Save: WIS negates
By pointing a great gob of flesh on a target explodes for a d6 damage then they take one point damage per round.

Blood Shield
Range: Touch Duration: turn/lv Target:one being Save:na
Coats the recipient in a clotted coating of pulsing clotted blood that absorbs damage by giving the target a buffer of 2HP per level. Act as extra HP buffer. Often use to create enhanced undead or bodyguards or self.

Red Corpse Dust*
Range: 10"/lv Target: one corpse/lv Duration: one turn per level Save:na
Converts one corpse per level into a pound of red dust so as to make easy to carry or to turn into a preserved food stuff. The reverse of the spell rehydrates corpse into normal. If incomplete or mixed or contaminated the corpse becomes a hideous monster. This is used to create instant corpses to make undead. Possibly use to transport sides of beef.

Third Level

Bloody Bones
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target: One skeleton Save:na
Upgrade skeletons with +1HD +3"Move +1AC DAM1d8, also gives them a red fleshy coating, the ability to scream and known to jump or climb skillfully to attack targets. A Necromancer may only enhance one skeleton per level max at any one time, if creator dies the skeletons run free and wild.

Blood Goblins
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target:Ground
Sacrifice one HP to create a goblin per level that obeys for a turn per level before running free if you don't make a deal with them.The scarlet goblins feel some bond with their creator which can be exploited.

Blood Feast
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target: one HD of corpses per level Save:na
Corpses collapse into a mass of semi liquid gelatin that can be eaten easily. Extracts liquefied flesh from a corpse per level, each batch if eaten either acts as a days food or heals 1d3 HP. The marvellous magical meat slurry can be kept only three hours without refrigeration, after that it causes violent retching.

Reverse Zombies
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target: One Zombie Save:na
Upgrade zombies with +1HD 12"Move +1AC DAMd6 with 2 attacks, also gives them inside out wet red skin and enhanced mobility. Can jump or climb normally as if living and is far more alert. A Necromancer may only enhance one zombie per level max at any one time, if creator dies the zombies run free and wild.

Blood Rage*
Range: Touch Duration: Recipients CON in rounds Target: one living creature Save: WIS if unwilling
Enters a fury where recipient can remain conscious in negative HP and receives +2 to hit and damage. Will hunt and kill foes but without a target of hate will attack any near target. After CON in rounds spell the victim is exhausted and must make a CON save or pass out a d10 rounds. The reverse Cool Blood sedates victim -2 to hit and damage, half speed and will not pursue anyone out of sight, preferring to stand still if no threats.

Liquefy Form
Range: Touch Duration: turn/lv Target: one living being Save: WIS if used against will
Flesh melts into red liquid slime that can squeeze through gaps, climb like a slug, swim underwater or cling to ceilings. Only moves at 6" and cannot speak. Used for escapes and surveillance.

Fourth Level

Wall of meat
Range: 3"/lv Duration: Permanent Target: create a wall Save:na
Creates a section of wall of meat 10 foot high one foot wide 20 foot long per level. To pass the disgusting fleshy wall you must get over it or hack through 10HP per level to create a hole that a normal person can pass. The wall dies a turn/lv after creation and begins to decay as normal meat. The wall can be used to feed 100 people per level if it is cooked before it goes off. 

Seize Gaze
Range: 3"/lv Duration Permanent Target:One being with eyes Save:WIS negates
Victim in range makes a saving throw or one of their eyes flies into the hand of the caster inflicting 1HP damage a round and damaging the victim eye sight until restored with magical healing.

Blood Beast
Range: Touch Duration: turn/lv Target: makes a monster Save:na
Creates a 1HD per level monster with AC+14 MOV 15" ATT 3 DAM d8bite/d6claw/d6claw. The beast is made from blood and gore from corpses requiring 1HD of corpse per HD of blood beast.

Flesh Tentacle
Range: 1" /lv Duration: turn/lv Target: self Save:na
A horrid red fleshy tentacle erupts from your body inflicting a d8 (+STR bonus) or grappling any target in range. Can also be used to swing, open doors or hold tools. Rolls to hit as normal, replacing a standard combat action.

Blood Monolith
Range: 3" /lv Duration: round/lv Target: within 3" of monolith Sav:na
A scab coated giant blood clot arises from the earth a foot high per level and 1/2 a foot wide per level. Moves towards enemies at MOV 3". Living beings within 3" of the monolith take 1d4 a round and must save vs WIS or suffer fear for duration of spell. The monolith can be destroyed by attacking it as unarmoured person with 1HD per caster levels.Can block doors ways and passages.

Range: none Target: self Duration: one turn per level Save:na
Heal 1 HP per round. 1% per use develop a pound of your flesh into horrible tumours per use. Long term users become a hideous mass of lumpy flesh growths

Fifth Level

Purify Blood*
Range: 3"/lv Duration: Instant Target: One living thing Save: CON die if fail
Removes traces of disease, parasites and poison in the blood. Reverse version, Foul Blood acts as poison killing targets who fail a CON save.

Wall of blood
Range: 3"/lv Duration: turn per level & permanent Target: create a wall Save: STR
Creates a wall of swirling liquid blood which after one turn per level congeals into a sticky chumpy solid mass of clot which will attract animals and peasant cooks. Starts 10 foot high, one foot thick and 3" long section per level but the height halves when liquid form expires. While liquid requires a break doors roll (1/2 STR save) to pass through, stops missiles and most spells. If STR roll fails the victim is dragged around the perimeter until they escape with a STR save at a speed of 9".

Blood Warrior
Range: touch Target: self Duration: permanent  Save:na
By cutting self for 1d3 HP a blood being erupts from the wound with one HD per level of the caster with AC+6 and a move of 12". It inflicts 1d6+ 1 per caster level. Obeys the bidding of it's creator but may be ignorant things having limited worldly knowledge. Only one blood warrior at a time can be made. They heal 1HP/lv/day.

Blood Ward
Range: touch Target: surface like wall, floor, box lid Duration: one week per level Save: CON Halves
Cut finger for 1HP and trace bloody sigil on surface that glows with scarlet light. If touched by a living being it arises, a hungry thing, biting and draining the intruders life force for 1d3 per level.

Hungry  Blade
Range: touch Target: one weapon Duration: one turn per level Save: CON Negates
Cast on a weapon, wounds will bleed for 1 HP a round on living beings the round after being hit. Equal to the casters level. If the victim saves they do not bleed. Only effects living things.


Taint Bloodline*
Range: touch Target: one person Duration: permanent level Save: CON Negates
Victims offspring and every generation thereafter has taint d6 1=part fishman 2=lycanthropy 3=mutant 4=part reptilian 5=idiot 6=hideous cripple. Reverse removes a taint or family defect and is used by inbred dynasties to remove degenerate taints. A remove curse or reversed spell removes taint.

Flail Skin*
Range: 6"/lv Target: one weapon Duration: permanent Save: CON Negates
Shreds and removes persons or corpses skin leaving it in a single sheet and the body in a horrible disfigured state. The victim takes 1d6 damage per lv and is hideous to behold requiring serious healing magic to replace the epidermal organ. Reduces victims life span by half unless restored by reverse or other healing magic. If used on a leader will give followers a morale check.

Seize Heart
Range: 6"/lv Target: one person Duration: one round Save: WIS Negates
Tears out living victims heart which flies into casters hand killing the target

Mass Vampirism
Range: 6"lv Target:  Duration: instant Save: CON Negates
Drains up to one HP/lv from any living thing in range of life in the form of liquid blood that pours from victim into the caster. Works on friend or foe. Once fully healed can have up to double normal HP but lose one per round over normal HP.


Vampire Curse*
Range: 3"/lv Target: one person Duration: permanent Save: WIS Negates
Victim can now only live by feeding off blood and no other food or liquid ingested. They have a constant craving and feel tempted to kill others possibly requiring a WIS save to resist urges to drink others blood. A willing person could produce a small amount of blood to relax them for a while but would be unhealthy to do more than once a week. The reverse or Remove Greater Curse cures the condition.

Blood Storm
Range: mile radius Target: sky Duration: round/lv Save:na
Red clouds form over a d10 rounds then a downpour of blood pours from the sky covering everything in range in foul blood. Most beings in area freak out requiring a morale check or will flee area. Many intelligent beings will see as an omen of the end of the world.

Troll Regeneration*
Range: touch Target: one person Duration: turn/lvl Save: CON Negates if unwilling
Target regenerates 3 HP per round while under effect. If reversed as Troll Degeneration target bursts into horrible hemorrhages and tumours all over and if they survive resemble a hideous troll like freak. If they are "killed" they arise as a troll, totally taken over by chaotic maddening tumours and no longer a normal being.


Blood Golem
Range: touch Target: one pile or pit of corpses Duration: one turn per level Save:na
Can create a colossus of gore using 1000gp ingredients per HD up to 2HD percaster level. Each corpes used gives the thing 1HP to a maximum allowed by HD. Each HD is one foot tall. The horror has AC16 MV12" and has a 3d12 punch or stomp attack. The creature id psychotic and angry but mostly obey while in wizards sight. If left out of control it wanders off to kill and eat anything it can find while gibbering and screaming. Some wizards keep the being in a well or tower and seal in when they are asleep.

Tower of flesh
Range: touch Target: creates a tower Duration: permanent Save:na
Creates a living tower of flesh 2 foot high per level and one foot wide. It has passages, windows, rooms and 1d4 sub basements. The living tower twitches when harmed. Tends to attract vermin and parasites, possibly developing a internal ecosystem in time. It has 40 HP per level AC10 and may be killed by death magic and other means. It has a CON equal to casters level to resist disease or poison of death magic. If killed takes month to rot away attracting vermin and animals. May be burned and will feed a army of 200 men per level with roast wizard flesh.


Clone Flesh
Range: touch Target: one inch cube of flesh Duration: permanent Save:na
With a cube of flesh and a lab with great bell jars worth 1000GP per creature HD, can grow a identical copy in one month/HD. It hates the original, can sense it's location and sees to destroy it. After it totally assumes normal manner of original. Some wizards manipulate the growing being using non weapon skills to give beings minor cosmetic changes like swapping it's attributes or adding features of other species. Clones often feel ungrateful to creators and will quickly wish to avoid them in most cases. May be possible to store flesh cubes or clones with cold or stasis or in jar in lab with alchemical apparatus.

Blood Throne
Range: none Target: self Duration: 3 rounds/lv Save:na
A great geyser of blood erupts under the wizard supporting them several feet off the ground in a standing or walking position and moves with them. While drenched in the unholy fountain the caster cannot lose HP's or be killed by death magic. The caster feels elated and is drenched in gore after.

Let me know if ive made any major mess ups or feel welcome to make suggestions

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