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Curses, Conditions, Corruption an Relics pt1

Went through my item tables of late saw i had misses item 3 on d12 tables for all the corruption conditions so thought i would update in one place and add more stuff.

Basically more complex items are jerks and so are their creators. Conditions and effects make items more difficult and alignment possibly ore relevant. Also you can equip a villain with something neat that players will not want.

Alignment is a bit more important in my game and some of these effects might not bother some users. In my party Nahme the angel relic bearer was already giving more to charity than 10% and paying tax and religious tithing. She even tried to give her non good friends some relics to mind. She didnt want any nagging talking items though.
 If you cast identify you learn first major property item in my game, you need a higher level or extra spell to learn mmore than first property. More checks to find additional properties but you might wait a while and get corrupted

Necromancy Relics

Chosen wielders often must serve creator to avoid negative effects of item but true agents of evil don't mind these effects

d20 Horrid deeds of relic creator
1 Rulled ancient kingdom of the dead
2 Rulled land with fear and tyranny
3 Mass murdered folk on holy day
4 Desecrated holy place and corrupted church folk
5 Kidnapped children for sacrifice to prehuman gods
6 Ate lots of local babies
7 Cursed local leaders until stopped by hero
8 Attacked a wedding, stole bride and turned guests undead

9 Led a fearsome horde of skeleton warriors
10 Ran farms and sweatshops with zombie workers

11 Awakened wights from ancient barrows
12 Made a collosal flesh horror from local corpses
13 Poisoned wells and stole corpses

14 Had evil influence on ruling family
15 Experimented on locals for fun

16 Killed everyone within a mile of lair with great death spell
17 Terrorized land as a vampire
18 Was a ruler in elder age returned as a mummy
19 Turned farm animals into zombies with dark elf buddies

20 Became a lich who tormented the living then vanished

d12 Corruption conditions
Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions

01 At first sunset after first use

02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if enters a place of death like a graveyard or crypt
08 If used to cause death or user kills
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user touches blood
11 If the wielder touches a persons corpse
12 If user in presence of undead

d12 Common Necromancer Objects 

01 Black Blades of onyx or obsidian typically swords and daggers and exotic polearms. Have plus to hit and damage.
02 Bone Crushing bludgeons of e
nchanted lead or basalt stone for blunt weapons like maces, mauls, hammers and often chopping weapons like axes.
03 Bone Armour a medium armour with standard pluses 1in10 also adds to strength 
04 Bone Rings are + protection type items 1in10 casts Charm Undead d3 times a day
05 Grace of Death items are often a helmet, wand or ring that provide a plus on charisma with undead, and make them recognise you as dead 1in10 let you feign death at will  
06 Wand of death fires a ray (colour depends of faction) that acts like a 1d6 magic missile with d100 charges. 1in10 can be recharged by using in human sacrifice
07 Fetish of Zar, tiny wood idol with feathers you ask to make undead for you, most set to skeleton or zombie with d100 charges but some 1in10 have a d1000, 1in10 fetishes create ghouls or worse but use two charges per HD.
08 Staves and wands of death - made from a tree of the underworld, + to hit and damage and often used as a spell focus by some trained wizards. 1in10 fire a 2d6 death ray 100 range. Wand versions useless as weapons and if fire a ray does only 1d6 30 range
09 Skull mask provides vision of who is living dead or undead, 1in10 have pluses of protection like a ring also
10 Claw gauntlet drains one HP from a willing donor once a day per person which can heal wielder, 1in10 drain from unwilling
11 Cape of the Shadows can call a shadow in dog formdaily to serve for a turn, 1in10 can summon a d10 shadows  which does not obey but go on murder spree, may be in other items of clothing like a hat, gloves or a helmet or a box or bottles or other shaped shadows
12 Rod of Blight strikes victim with disease as per spell the victim gets to save and will resist rod forever 1in10 are energy level draining taking one level, can be used as a club

d100 Corruption effects

01 Unknowingly act as servant to revive dead necromancer, guided by dreams
02 Spirit attempts possession when weak, might even argue it would save wielder
03 Starts to talk and dress like creator, WIS save or one step alignment shift
04 Small animals and plants nearby die to fuel the items power
05 Item requires sacrifice, WIS to keep from doing it each full moon, might increase in  thirst
06 Only aroused by dead things and death, cant get interested in living beings
07 Can't stand being near the living, depend more on isolation and dead servants
08 Sleep in only coffins, crypts, sarcophagi or buried in a grave
09 Body crawling with worms, become immortal worm colony in 24 months
10 Grow increasingly hideous, CHA save monthly or lose stat point, at zero become undead
11 Death stalks you, sometimes surprises you, making you loose cool in stress moments
12 Spirit of the relic can talk to you offers biased horrible advice on everything

Saintly Relics
Chosen wielders often must serve creator or a god to avoid negative effects of item but true agents of good dont mind these effects. Generally for lawful good religions but other good might count.

d20 Saintly deeds of relic creator
1 Great act of charity and kindness
2 Resisted great temptations, always did right
3 Was killed horribly resisting enemy of faith
4 Founded a sect or order
5 Killed mortal enemy of faith
6 Killed supernatural enemy of religion
7 Great deed of self sacrifice for believers
8 Great ancestor and famous parent

9 Converted many with difficult pilgrimages
10 Overcame a terrible custom frowned on today
11 Killed resisting a horrible spiritual enemy
12 Pioneering founder of faith
13 Great writer who produced a holy text
14 Great healer who saved many and brought new convert
15 Great pilgrim who brought creed to new places
16 Great teacher who brought new changes to faith in past
17 Saint responsible for prophecies and communing with god
18 Saint was a great ruler in name of religion
19 Built a great wonder or monument
20 Purged heretics and would be reformists in church organisation

d12 Corruption conditions
Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions
Once curse functioning might show some signs of change 
The taint of good be upon ye! Beware!

If carried next daybreak
02 After 3 uses of power
03 After 7 uses of power
04 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried till next full moon
07 If held while praying overnight
08 If used to protect weaker person
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the item touches holy water or altar or enters a good temple
11 If the wielder touches or kisses a lover
12 If wielder takes a risk for any other

d12 Common Saintly Objects 
01 Holy Weapon of the Saint in many varieties, pluses to hit and damage which also inflict burns to any evil person who touches equal to bonus, also glow 1" per plus
02 Saints fingernail as cure light wounds once per day
1in10 is a cure serious wounds
03 Saints Hair in a locket can cast protection from evil once per day 1in10 is a 10 foot radius version
04 Holy mantle of the saints a robe that cures disease once per day 1in10 cure three a day
05 Saints Ring removes poison once per day 1in10 work three times a day
06 Saints medallion casts bless once per day 1in10 casts prayer instead
07 Saints blood usually on a cloth or in tiny bottle +1hp if used in any first aid or skill based healing
08 Holy Symbol of the saint +2 levels on power of turning 1in10 adds two extra turnings per day too
09 Saints Bounty a plate, bowl or cloth produces food for one person once a day 1in10 produces 7 times a day
10 Saints Staff purifies water once a day 1in10 creates water once a day
11 Saints snake staff turns int a constrictor snake once a day 1in10 keeps working even if snake gets kiled
12 Saints lantern illuminates with light at will 30" 1in10 casts permanent light daily also

d12 Corruption effects

01 Unknowingly a servant to cause of kindness and justice, guided by gods
02 Spirit will attempt possession when unconscious or asleep to "help" wielder
03 Starts to talk and dress like hermit, WIS save or one step alignment shift monthly
04 Small animals sing and dance around you and plants sway gently
05 Wounds stabilise if below zero, automatically halts blood loss
06 Only interested in serious long term legal monogamy and not motivated by sex
07 Give away 10% of your wealth to help the poor
08 +2 resist fear and charm if good
09 +2 resist disease and poison if good
10 Grow increasingly lovely +1 CHA if good
11 Protection from evil once per day if good
12 Spirit of the relic can talk to you offers goodly advice on everything

Stone Age Relics
Often used by goblinoids, cave folk, shamans of non literate peoples, beast cults and beast men. Even some more wild elves might like these.

d20 Awesome deeds of relic creator
1 Made pact with a great spirit
2 Made pact with beast lord
3 Made pact with elemental lord
4 Defeated great evil spirit of the old world
5 Founded a great clan and bloodline
6 Ate heart of great monster

7 Burned a civilized city
8 Slew a mighty magician
9 Hunted a great beast on long adventure
10 Avenged his people by wiping out a tribe
11 Defied the gods
12 Was a might tribal healer and wise man
13 Invented a custom or cultural craft or skill or tool
14 Killed by a god or great old one
15 Discovered the promised land for tribe and killed off locals
16 Exterminated a race of monsters in the dawn age
17 Helped revolt against evil empire of monsters
18 Stole true love from other tribe and hunted by lovers family
19 Hunted and punished those who committed sacrilege or broke law
20 Battled great beast to save kin and get treasure

d12 Corruption conditions
Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions

01 If carried next daybreak

02 After 3 uses of power
03 After 7 uses of power 
04 If carried till next full moon
05 If carried till next full moon
06 If used to draw blood of wrong animal totem species
07 If used to draw blood by person not of right totem (1in12 chance?)
08 If used used by person not of tribe
09 If wielder ever harmed a tribe member
10 If the item used without tribal shaman blessing
11 If the wielder eats forbidden food
12 If used without correct sacrifice

d12 Common Stone Age Objects 
01 Beast tooth on a string lets you speak to species once per day 1in10 works always
02 Beast bone in a bag with rune on it can call a beast to area daily but does not obey 1in10 works 3 times a day

03 Great Flint Weapon sparks when strikes, + to hit and damage but 1in10 can also be used to start fires easily
04 Cloak of the beast acts as a elven cloak, 1in10 lets you assume animal form for one turn per day one species per cloak
05 Boots of the Beast acts as elven boots, 1in10 leaves footprints of one beast species
06 Ochre Jar a stone container creates one dose of artist pigment per day, different colours available, 1in10 can be used to bless a herd to increase birth rate by 10% per year
07 Horned Hat of Beast Mastery gives + on any beast related skill checks 1in10 let you cast Charm animal once per day
08 Spear Thrower of thunder lords acts as a woomera or atlatl, acts as a club with + to hit and damage and same mod if used to hurl dart, javelin or spear and doubles range 1in10 turn a missile into a lightning bolt with 1d6 per + the weapon has once per day that injures foes in a line
09 Knife of Butchery come in form depending on alignment good ones ensure butchered beast is reborn after time in happy hunting grounds, evil one tortures the soul and sends to hell. 1in10 can be used on humans as well for sacrifice 
10 Amber bead as cure light wounds once per day 1in10 is a cure serious wounds
11 Coral bead allows you to breathe water for one turn 1in10 work at will
12 Cloak of bark lets you turn into a tree for one turn and 1in10 let you remain in tree form for centuries, some versions turn you into a huge toadstool instead

d12 Corruption effects
01 All food and drink you touch or carry spoiled, only be fed or drink with helper
02 A characteristic score begins to drop 1point per week till dead or coma at zero
03 Inflicted with advanced lycanthropy next full moon
04 Animals and monsters dislike you and are never surprised by you or your party
05 Wounds will not stabilize if below zero, will bleed to death
06 Becomes infertile and uninterested in sex or love
07 User succumbs to poison easily, half normal resistance
08 Wielder becomes a beserker and menace to friend and foe in battle
09 Wielder will not d4 1=use metal 2=use fire 3=take shelter from weather 4=wear clothes  
10 User becomes a cannibal, hunger for own species
11 Spirit of the relic gives unwelcome advice on everything
12 Spirit of the relic posses you when weak or unconscious or asleep

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