Tuesday 10 June 2014

My publishing failures to date...

Thankyou for many requests for me to publish - this is a bit on what has stopped my publishing so far - and why I have 3+ manuscripts sitting about...

These are some things that make me angsty...

I have a learning disability

I mix vowels, ignore grammar, repeat words, miss letters. When I read my writing my brain fills in blanks and autocorrects on the fly. Great for me sucks for everyone else. Just like I have seen lizards in my periphery since I was at least 4. This is very handy when reading translated epics, Sumerian fragmented text, Icelandic sagas and other archaic styles and foreign grammar styles. I sometimes wonder If I have picked up some non Anglo grammar from Estonian or welsh family. I am better than before I had 3 degrees (philosophy, art and archaeology). Im better at editing other people because I don't predict what they are going to say and Im probably better than many high school graduates when I try. I am quite good at faking styles especially archaic styles which is why I like HPL. Editing myself takes ten times longer than doing it for others and I can be very self critical when Im trying hard.

I have other health factors that effect my moods and mobility a bit too.

Speeeeeed! How Fast How Dense?
If i spend time editing and working on this stuff my blogging will slow down lots. I enjoy getting new ideas out more than grooming same old ones again and again. I do most writing on book ideas and compiling blogs when bed ridden or in Adelaide for xmas. Id like to publish some game stuff and perhaps work on a novel next year.

English, American or Australian?
The bulk of my audience are American by far. I use Australian English which is more like UK English. I like colour more than color. I like colourisation more than colorization (too many Z's). Some Americanisms make sense like Jail instead of Gaol. Most Australians dont know we spell Goal so tend to say prison more which in Australian law is a different thing.

I prefer metric (have considered retooling all stuff as metric but i kinda like oldschool measurements for fantasy).

I am more comfortable with UK English. American English would make me more dependant on American editors and take a bit of control away. But for plenty of proof readers American is fine for basic readability, style and content.

Legal and copyright Issues
My Redbrick book is written fairly system neutral for any fantasy rpg with orcs, goblins, elves etc. My monsters are all found under Wikipedia under folklore and not trademarked. This project is 99% written, play tested and really at proofing and layout stage.

Compilations of rules will fall into legal territory I'm not very familiar with. I found layout of system reference book unreadable as I do most of last 20 years over designed hardback books with textures. I chose to stick with DnD because in part it is the most popular RPG but this also drives off the "only indy games are good" kids even though oldschool fits in between both really.

Idea of my Elfmaids and Octopi Rules (EMO DnD) would have this issue. Ive been bogged down in re writing this a few times. Psychon could be written with less trouble but certainly I like some classic Gygax monsters and it is a bit dependent on my EMO book or is intended as a companion piece.

So can either edit out stuff trademarked or edit to fit in with the system reference book or refer to labyrinth lord or other clone. Some advice on this or edit on legal alone might be needed. I could be an anarchist and say fuck it and just make a bootleg edition.

Anyone with any tips on this or know any good resources for system reference issues sing out. Even just a permissible monster list.

I have started EMO re-write about 4 times and get stuck or bored. Seeking perfection is a great way to procrastinate. Spitting out new ideas easier than polishing old ones.

Positive things....
I am a veteran layout artist and I want to design stuff that does the things I like and does not repeat the things I hate in RPG design. Id like to think I could design stuff for other people.

I have published 3 years of newspapers, a graffiti newspaper, over 30 zines and self published books. I have been a art director and managing editor and have worked in commercial art studios and comic studios. So I have most of the know how of putting edited books together and dealing with press.

I can do some art and graphics and maps. I know commercial Illustrators and own two pieces of art for these projects I can possibly colour. Id be willing to get some more.

My imagination is an unstoppable freight train with no breaks.


As a visual artist since 1999 I feel bad asking for help if I cant pay. USA post rates one prohibitive factor of sending gifts. My current poverty other. Im only fit for about 3 hours a day work due to my mobility and am working lower paid job. Ive shut down my art business and practice at moment as my health made me not able to manage them. Possibly writing long term might be a way around my health. Id like to do 2 rpg books a year and start some fiction later. 

Readers I could give final PDFs and some preview stuff and other things.

A contributing editor who really adds to work and stuff and helps some of my issues I could offer hardcopy, multiple PDF's (and copies of any future gaming ones), art prints, other zines and stickers. Possibly could do better.

I would certainly credit any helpers.

Thanks to all my blog readers who have followed me, linked to me, mentioned me and given me any "+". You are my spinach.  

Some Feedback Please!

Anyone have any tips for dealing with Drivethrough RPG, LuLu or recommend other other print on demand companies. Some demand US bank accounts and Tax details.

Anything on my style? I flip from brevity of Icelandic saga to long winded sentences. Or anyone explain my style to me. A few comment it is difficult initially but good once you get it. Clockwork Orange is a great book but does style put too many off or is it a strength?

Anything people would like to see me do more of?

Have had some offers to read my stuff so thanks.

As world does not need another 1980 BX based clone (even though none do what I do) should I write setting neutral or imbed setting everywhere to further differ my rules?
Example things to get stumped on recently:
Been writing up character classes again. Thief and Rogue went fine. Cleric description has me worrying about should I include detail on specific religion (variation by exact gods in setting) or focus more on styles of priests and abilities to be adapted anywhere by anyone (types like Templar, Hospital, Inquisitor, etc) ? I could do both or try the latter with gods described elsewhere.

Send me a email to konsumterra@gmail.com if you would like a draft of my Redbrick Dungeon Zone book to look over and my guidelines.


  1. Write what you love. There are plenty of people who would copy edit for free. Publish what you write. People will buy it (in small amounts probably). Make a little money from what you're doing anyway: making the world of RPGs happier and more colorful.

    Don't worry about American versus UK English. Don't worry about writing perfectly. It took me about two weeks to "get" your prose and now I love it and other people will too.

    About the legalities: nobody has ever successfully sued anyone else to stop making an OSR RPG that I know of. If it would have happened, it would have happened with OSRIC.

    1. thank you

      I considered publishing as a "annual" giving same regards to game properties as 80s magazines did

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  4. What Scott said. Your stuff is great and i definitely encourage you to publish and ask for money. Be careful about relying on gaming stuff to make money though. I've always thought your stuff meshes well with the stuff at The Metal Earth. Maybe you guys could do a double sided annual, with a cover on each side! I think he's kind of anti-commercial and doesn't write much any more unfortunately.

  5. im not doing it for money per se
    Im doing it to get experience in new publishing modes which will help me later - i could also help others once i have done it and possibly get paid to do that (ive been art teacher 12 years) - will work on fiction later which is many times more profitable even though dinosaur erotica has been killed by amazon. Also if one book makes $500 and i do several a year in 10 years that adds up with a few books a year - i can rerelease digital zines I did going back 20 years - and can produce works on graffiti which would also do ok - im planing on a hardcopy book of my art too - so im not expecting wealth from one or two repeats of what i do here - really a trojan horse for someone often bedridden for 12-16 hours a day

  6. I certainly think you do good stuff and their is probably an audience for it in published form. I don't see any of the obstacles above as insurmountable by any means.

    I've worked with drivethrurpg and found that pretty easy. I did not format my stuff for them myself (my layout guy did), but he did find it burdensome. I'm going to try Lulu, but haven't yet.

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