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d100 pubs in Shadel Port

Even in a city of scum and villainy you need a good drink. Shadelport is crawling with one and zero star establishments. Discover the appeal of sobriety.

d12 Special features

1 famous drink
2 specialty of the house dish
3 gambling or
board or card games 
4 harlots
5 house bard
6 mascot pet or monster
7 sing a long night or dancing
8 interesting bathroom graffiti
9 strange and dodgy goods for sale
10 press gang looking for ship crew
11 fighting breaks out nightly
12 strange challenge can win free grog

d12 often frequented by

1 full of criminals
2 full of sailors
3 Secret police informers
4 yeomen farmers
5 mercenaries
6 students of university
7 non humans of 1d6 types
8 performers or carny folk
9 touchy barbarian beserkers
10 shopkeepers and merchants
11 adherents of a god or cult
12 adventurer scum

d12 Horrible feature
1 blood and 1d6 body parts on floor
2 vomit amid sawdust on floor
3 patrons relieve selves in gutter around bar
4 full of smoke from drugs or kitchen or burning wet wood or dung
5 patrons bullying some poor victim d4 1=woman 2=child 3=nonhuman 4=animal
6 corpse seated on table
7 maggots or parasites in food

8 staff covered in horrible weeping sores or other ailment
9 someone tries to stab you or rob you
10 locals all glare at non regular, prices double for you
11 someone in your group of wrong type not welcome, no service
12 animals d4 1=fighting 2=vermin like rats or fleas 3=farm animals 4=dogs & cats


d12 conversations 
1 complaints about d4 1=life in city 2=job 3=illness 4=strangers in pub
2 wild stories of the sea and exploration d4 1=strange land 2=stranded 3=lost 4=strange encounters
3 wild stories of adventurers d4 1=dungeons 2=monsters 3=treasure 4=failure
4 fabulous tales of magic 1=wizards 2=relics 3=curses 4=wondrous places
5 talk of local gossip d4 1=recent deaths 2=unfaithful lovers 3=tragic life 4=
victim of crime
6 fabulous tales of olden times d4 1=cruelty 2=heroes 3=rulers 4=excesses7 grisly stories of d4 1=horrid murder 2=haunting 3=monsters 4=secret police
8 tales of market place and dodgy deals d4 1=sale 2-bankruptcy 3=debt 4=dodgy deal
9 stories of non humans and foreigners d4 1=evil plots 2=sex lives 3=odd customs 4=wicked lives
10 stories of crime d4
1=robbery 2=cannibalism 3=disappearances 4=punishment
12 tales of vice and gluttony d4 1=drug abuse 2=eating 3=sex 4=fighting

d100 pubs in Shadel Port

1 the burning midget

2 three legged whore
3 the grumpy dragon
4 the dreaming ogre
5 the wooden duck
6 the shimmering eidelon
7 the killer baby
8 the gangrene foot
9 the murder hobos rest
10 the charred corpse
11 the bleeding stump
12 the frozen head
13 the goblins heart
14 the flailed peasant
15 the screaming slave
16 the purple beetle
17 the angry fist
18 the putrid cauldron
19 the crying hobbit
20 the flying dwarf
21 the hornless unicorn
22 the skinless elf
23 the flaming eye
24 the crooked wheel
25 the fools rest
26 the drunken baby
27 the horny cockatrice
28 the bleeding serf
29 the whipped widow
30 the crippled horse
31 the strange cow
32 the foreigners head
33 the happy gallows
34 the bloody whip
35 the stomping boot
36 the rabid dog
37 the devil fish
38 the drowned sailor
39 the bleeding knight
40 the headless bandit
41 the beaten orphan
42 the singing gibbet
43 the bloody cockerel
44 the rampant stag
45 the happy orc
46 the slimy cat
47 the flesh cube
48 the golden demon
49 the hungry ape
50 the dead donkey
51 the dancing skeleton
52 the flaming skull
53 the merry scorpion
54 the six legged spider
55 the joyous maggot
56 the fat weevil
57 the sleeping serpent
58 the saucy elf
59 the painted harlot
60 the fingerless rogue
61 the quartered man
62 the legless seagull
63 the jolly jumbuck
64 the chum bucket
65 the golden mushroom
66 the gimpy bard
67 the saucy monk
68 the black finger
69 the headless hobbit
70 the dancing corpse
71 the happy crab
72 the bloody bard
73 the ice weasel nest
74 the drunken beaver
75 the clumsy stag
76 the hungry goat
77 the feuding twins
78 the starving beggar
79 the rats nest
80 the fornicating badger
81 the shaven dwarf
82 the snooty elf
83 the craft kobold
84 the magic turnip
85 the liquorish noose
86 the spicy haunch
87 the hopping hunchback
88 the green goat
89 the grateful goose
90 the prying widow
91 the frisky dragon
92 the speckled egg
93 the dead mans hand
94 the severed limb
95 the whipping boy
96 the drunken spider
97 the impaled heretic
98 the greedy pirate
99 the good barron
100 the halfwit virgin

d100 more pubs...

01 the misers harp
02 the sobbing mermaid
03 the clumsy maiden
04 the six fingered hand
05 the homeless drunk
06 the dragon's fart
07 the devils horn
08 the bloody shank
09 the dancing rat
10 the charming eel
11 the impudent finger
12 the crooked sword
13 the vile lobster
14 the two headed calf
15 the roosters egg
16 the happy toad
17 the bleeding beggar
18 the angry frog
19 the helpless turtle
20 the dismembered dolphin
21 the whales tear
22 the happy axeman
23 the hairy flute
24 the devils pipe
25 the warm stool
26 the steaming cabbage
27 the foaming clam
28 the slippery finger
29 the clutching claw
30 the limped prawn
31 the grunting swine
32 the blind wizard
33 the brazen monk
34 the dirty seaman
35 the fisherman's wife
36 the lonely octopus
37 the brazen squid
38 the bloody boar
39 the rabid bear
40 the murderous wolf
41 the mad monk
42 the priests hole
43 the head on a pole
44 the infested strumpet
45 the sordid seagull
46 the angry wife
47 the limping cock
48 the devils run
49 the silver stool
50 the head in a barrel
51 the ship of fools
52 the loose goose
53 the cuckoo house
54 the split stern
55 the vile hag
56 the green lady
57 the bludgeoned gnome
58 the hungry troll
59 the spiffy ogre
60 the belligerent clam
61 the friendly shark
62 the gallows friend
63 the bloody lance
64 the evil blade
65 the black hood
66 the killers arms
67 the naked man
68 the running thief
69 the stabbed farmer
70 the fingerless hand
71 the tattooed squid
72 the pirates chest
73 the clammy palm
74 the iron maiden
75 the lanced boil
76 the frigid bride
77 the loaded dice
78 the fools errand
79 the gilded idiot
80 the hungry locust
81 the drunken bee
82 the carnivorous lamb
83 the screaming toadstool
84 the burning orphanage
85 the yellow salamander
86 the tasty hedgehog
87 the bleeding wound
88 the glory hole
89 the quivering mound
90 the drowned cat
91 the grilled hound
92 the boiled baby
93 the hanging judge
94 the pickled baby
95 the smoking ruin
96 the sullen lighthouse
97 the stinking swarm
98 the bleeding gums
99 the missing tooth
100 the blind beggar


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