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d100 Random Strange Crypts and Extra Guardians Tables

Am laying out book and finding stuff needs writing. Also lots of little tweaks and fixes. Got this going as party face undead alot. I want to create more low level versions of some monsters especially elementals. Im also thinking of offering various more turning option than undead such as opposite aligned outer planar and elementals and possibly animals for non druid nature priests. I might go back to monster manual simplified table on a3 sheet per broad monster type.

6 days for con designing prepping. Have good army kit handout almost done, possibly a unit organisation for longstair. Also pregens+versions go up level .

While I have done many grave tables this is for scary batshit mad stuff you probably will regret finding. Unusual structures built in strange styles predating rest of graves or under another crypt or in a isolated wilderness location. Odd grave could be anyone, a crypt is always a big cheese.

d10 basic type of crypts
to replace one in Grave Robbing 2 Headstones and crypts

Sealed with boulder, brick, earth or clay 
1 Sealed cave
2 Hole or pit carved into landscape
3 Earth mound with chamber
4 Earth mound and wood structure within (1in6 elf crypt-tree & mummy)
5 Earth mound with stone structure within
6 Subterranean tunnels with crypts built inside terrain feature like cliff or under city
7 Brick structure
8 Cycolpean stone monolith structure
9 Dressed fine stone
10 Otherworldly tombs

d12 Size (revised)

1 Tiny crypt for one person usually with a sarcophagi and nice coffin
2 Tiny crypt with 2d6 funeral urns and at least one ash jar or corpse and coffin
3 Small crypt of immediate family with a sarcophagi and 1d6 coffins in wall niches
4 Small crypt of immediate family with a sarcophagi and 2d6 wall niches for coffin
5 Small crypt of immediate family with a sarcophagi and 2d6 wall niches for coffin
6 Medium crypt of extended group 1d3 sarcophagi 3d6 coffins and urns
7 Medium crypt of extended group 1d6 sarcophagi 4d6 coffins and urns
8 Large crypt 2d6 sarcophagi 6d6 coffins and urns
9 Large crypt 3d6 sarcophagi 10d6 coffins and urns
10 Mausoleum 4d6 sarcophagi 20d6 coffins and urns a multiple levels dungeon

d100 Random Strange Tombs

01 Cave tomb of local shepherds with basic goods and animal bones
02 Cave tomb of long gone tribe with hunters trinkets  and primitive shrine
03 Cave tomb of local farmer family with crude artworks on walls
04 Cult cave tomb with evil idol, sacrificial altar and guardian beast
05 Cave tomb of local merchant clan with stash of food and blankets and brass bowls
06 Cave tomb of ancient barbarian with remains of oxen and some gold arm rings
07 Cave tomb vandalised now guarded by former robbers, now undead, some scraps of value dropped by robbers
08 Cave tomb of goblin chief with mummified wolves, guarded by savage giant bats, stash of plunder
09 Cave tomb of dark elf, covered in cobwebs and guarded by giant spider, stash of drugs and possibly magic
10 Cave tomb of slum dwellers with many crude traps and a stash of copper goods
11 Cliff tomb of merchant with waggon and grave goods and undead sacrificed gladiators
12 Carved into huge rock a barbarian chariot grave with lots of weapons
13 Cliff tomb of druid clan, guarded by local animals some use as a lair, gold neck rings and a cauldron
14 Pit tomb filled in with earth requires digging, barbarian graves with collection of silver booty
15 Pit tomb with flooded well entry, cultists of prehuman monster gods, a creature lives in well with some gold leaf coated tablets and a strange unwholesome relic
16 Pit tomb of a necromancer full of skeletons, a necromancer relic inside
17 Pit tomb buried with whole boat inside, ancient warrior awakens as a wight, has weapons and some gold and brass vessels
18 Carved entrance below tidal level of sea cliffs or below a well or lake and filled with rubble, pirate chief with undead sacrificed crew guarding trapped chest of loot
19 Carved entrance on high cliff very hard to see or enter, giant eagle guards barbarian hero remains and his collection of weapons and copper urns
20 Cliff tomb of monks with many humble bodies and scriptures and some gold and silver  holy symbols, will arise as dead if disturbed
21 A great earth mound with entrance exposed by mudslide, buried tribal bodies with ivory tusks, curse left by ancient shaman
22 A earth mound with depression where entry filled in, barbarian chief with chariot, gold neck ring and a guardian spirit attacks those who try to dig
23 Remains of prehistoric hill fort with chief berried beneath with fine stone weapons, guards will arise as ghouls if disturbed
24 A ritual mound of ancients with buried pits full of carved and burned bones, a shaman buried here with magic trinkets, his angry fetch spirit guards and may call other guardians such as animals or undead or minor elemental
25 A sacrificial mound with many buried pits of victims, priest chamber of rammed earth has trinkets looted from victims, a evil cut relic and mummified evil cult lord
26 A great black mound full of buried animal skulls and a chamber within where a prehistoric wizard skeleton sleeps, if angered summons monsters and attacks, has stone tablet spellbook and some minor stone and bone magic items, one of the necromancer chiefs of ancients
27 A brilliant green vegetation covered earth pyramid with stone idol marking buried entrance, if disturbed undead elves arise with pets to repel invaders. Silver and copper goods, fine elvish craft goods and some minor magic
28 A odd mound near old path with a animal burrow a small being could crawl in. Angry badgers defend the nest littered with bones, broken pottery and a magic flint axe or spear
29 A huge midden of shellfish remains from past. Inside is buried a priest with may guard skeletons. A shamanic relic allows spirit of priest to be called for advice
30 A great midden heap has a burial mound beneath with a remnants of a lizard man warrior guarded by his zombie human slaves, weird relic of prehuman age
31 A hill with a great tree, actually tree hollow leads to mummified elf which awakens if disturbed
32 A boat shaped mound known as tomb by locals has a whole boat intact and buried, remains of chief, his horse, wives and undead guardian sacrifices, many copper neck rings, weapons and one magic one
33 A crescent shaped mound with a huge wooden box structure with chariot, chief and horse skeletons, if disturbed a great guardian beast comes from nearby lair to defend. Has cache of gold rings
34 A mound has had depressions form a wooden structure within rots away. Inside remains of long lost village and trinket and many funeral urns of goods or burned bodied, zombies will rise if disturbed
35 A mound covering a buried wooden house where a chief buried still cared for by his skeleton warrior wife who leaps to his defence, she has a magic silver weapon
36 A mound covers a log dome with mammoth fur and tusks inside, ancient skeletal shaman arises to kill intruders who defile
37 A stone covers a wood lined pit into a hill with a wood tunnel complex inside. May dead will arise as skeletons, in heart a pile of urns and intact dragon skeleton and some gold coins
38 A tree covered mound arising from a bog is shunned by locals but inside is a wood lined chamber with remains of a catfish-man priest, several biological sacks burst if disturbed releasing catfish men warriors, wooden tables of forbidden lore and drugs found in semiprecious stone covered tin box
39 A dark cramped tunnel, big enough to crawl inside hill leads to wood lined chambers where goatmen come to revere ancestors and worship evil. Wooden idols and urns of silver in main chamber with stuffed remains of ancient king. Goatmen know if intruders enter and come running
40 A great mound with semi exposed entrance, wooden beams support roof and dwarf crypts inside. A brass hand gun and silver shot in one. Semiprecious stones fill wooden chests. A stone dwarf guardian kills robbers or any humans or orcs entering
41 A great mound with stone box structure from huge sheets of slate. If tampered horde of skeletons released, inside a elf noble with ancient scrolls is found and magic arrows
42 A great mound with a megalithic shrine on top. Inside hill is a warren of passages with hundreds of skulls in niches. A demon guards remains of cultists so they can be reborn in future
43 A hill with a great sealed crude stone door. Inside is a trap filled corridor and a sealed tomb of a ancient warlock. Many cursed items here with a few safe ones. A phantom drives away intruders with fear, shadows guard the crypt
44 A hill surrounded by crude stone wall, inside stone complex is remains of a chieftain with a monstrous worm coiled around his body. Has magic armour and weapon
45 A black stone obelisk on hill with a dead patch of grass indicating burred opening. Is tomb of witch and intruders cursed. Many potions, magical candles and remains of witch now a wraith inside
46 Cyclopean rubble tomb, mostly buried under mound, is opened sleeping serpent man wizards awake and angry at stupid apes. Have strange relics and hibernation sarcophagi
47 A hill covers remains of collapsed tower with some tight openings among rubble. A tower of a necromancer and his tomb, inside the skeleton wizard in lab working on making bone golems. Has a few but every century adventurers kill a few. Dead adventurers loot and necromancer spells hammered into sheets of copper bound with rings
48 A stone sealed door leads into a round stone camber guarded by skeleton warriors and wight lord, guard remains of a necromancer bound in silver chains
49 An ancient stone bowl serves as a watering hole and rest spot for travellers in side of hill. Underneath is a series of tunnels with many bodies and stone urns. Undead minotaur guards it and will go on berserk killing spree in area if let loose
50 A great carved stone door into hill has curse on it. A complex of trapped tunnels leads to hall with dead in niches, a clan of warlords from forgotten age. A dozen warriors will arise and will kill intruders, raid countryside then return until door replaced. If killed they revive next night.
51 Under ancient cyclopean ruins are tunnels, crawling with zombies, beneath then is crypt of reptile men hybrids who will arise as undead to defend a magic mirror given to them by their god, a gate to a distant ruin filled land in a desert
52 A stone in a field is entrance to shaft dropping into tunnels where tribal burials took place.  Tusks and teeth of long extinct beast adorn the dead and a undead sabre tooth cat protects them
53 A stone menhir marks a lid to a pit into remains of necromancer kings. Warnings in old language. Kyuss grubs crawl about in darkness and horrid sons of Kyuss priest kings arise to infect intruders. A great mound of gold and cursed magic items are in central chamber
54 A stone complex is sealed by a statue of an angel and warnings proof against evil. Inside twelve paladins sleep in crypts. If disturbed they ask if time for them to arise against evil. Will try to fight local evil rulers but probably doomed. Many have magic weapons
55 Under a tree overgrown monumental statue on a tiny island is remains of a forgotten king. A clan of ogres live inside, feeding from a enchanted cauldron that fill daily with rotten offal. Chests of gold and book of the kings life bound in metal and semiprecious stones might point to other treasure troves
56 A shunned stone door in a hill has offerings left by locals. Inside a stone complex, past skeletal guards are residents reincarnated as elves having a party, drinking and eating from magic vessels that refill several times a day for elves under a magic lamp. Horrified by intruders but might make a deal.
57 Hidden behind relief art in unreadable stone monument is a tomb complex with temple. Barbarian zombies with horned helms and axes guard temple and dead priests who try to call on their forgotten storm god if attacked. The god sends a demon. Piles of copper axe heads, vessels, urns and flint tools in treasure mound, some possible magic.
58 Under a ruined church half blocked crypt entrance is visible. Zombie priests and nuns and monks arrive to defend with a saint body part reliquary guarded by a Sphynx that might allow worthy to take it
59 Broken open stinking hole into stone complex. Full of ghouls with huge ghast leader sitting on piles of grave trinkets in urn filled chamber
60 A stone face with a mouth door in hill has been found behind bushes. A sadistic crypt keeper with a magic mirror controls the guardians and sees all. Many different undead in sealed chambers he can teleport explorers into
61 A brick built tomb has been undefiled for centuries. Locals repair if intrusion attempted. Inside are many shelves for urns, curses and a ghoul-troll that eats unwelcome visitors.
62 Local brick mine worked by locals till they discover a chamber and tunnels. Then the murders start. Some angry revenant in crypt displeased. Horde of gold neck rings and brass arm bands, many stone urns inside
63 Brick featureless building left alone. If tampered with a phantom will try and frighten off. Inside phantoms live rich social life with family, trying to act as living. Upset by intruders and try to drive away. Many urns and some nice jewellery on bodies. Phantoms threaten to tell lords of underworld on you
64 Small pyramid with complex inside ruled by mummy with ghoul beastmen slaves. Gold leaf and semiprecious stones adorn grave goods including statues, instruments, a bed, etc
65 A eroded hillside reveals bone fragments and beads and brick loose in mud. Multiple chambers intact with huecuva wrapped in cloth bundles. Tomb paintings depict human sacrifice and mummies wear dozens of necklaces with coral and shell beads
66 A broken heap of bricks semi exposed. If dug into dark lifeless chambers with sacrificed slaves surround sarcophagi and grave goods treasures. If entered shadows emerge from corpses to attack the living. Remnants of evil cult ruler
67 Every full moon on a crumbling brick wall a door appears and a dim light and music inside attracts persons and animals in. Trained trappers and mimics guard passages, pretending to be normal features. The tomb opens to feed them. A crypt contains ancient king with a gold shortsword and helmet, possibly magical with detailed relief art on blade
68 A slowly collapsing cliff face reveals a tomb with blue glazed bricks and scenes of a hero fighting a monster. Skeletons maintain and guard the inside but central chamber is heroes sarcophagi with his magic weapon within. The undead remains of the beast he famously killed sleeps next to it
69 A large rectangular structure near inside old ruined walls once a monastery. In the tomb dozens or funerary jars, coffins behind metal plated in wall niches and sarcophagi for senior abbots and a locked cage with a shrine to a saint with relic inside. If saint disturbed, monks arise as dead and tear intruders apart then repair everything and return to rest
70 A cube brick structure has been undisturbed for ages. The door is concealed under a layer of bricks and inside tomb of a past king mummified with a chariot with a dozen zombie slaves. If awoken the mummy with his skeleton horse team chases intruders away or kills them then zombies repair. Bars of copper and silver and many fragile gilded furniture items and a semiprecious stone studded game board inside.
71 A great crude stone box made from massive megalithic slabs. Requires digging or an ox team to move a slab to enter. Once open a great swarm of undead insects attacks everyone then a undead were-mammoth druid lord lumbers out with a magic club to kill everyone who dares plunder him. Ritual medicine bags, animal tusks and mummified lovers inside
72 A huge mound of boulders with trees growing on them actually a prehuman tomb. Mummified great old ones within are but horrid husks but anyone opening it releases a shoggoth servant starving for aons
73 A huge cone built of perfectly fitting fused boulders rises above ground but actually continues quite deep. Inside cone chamber a cursed sigil drives onlookers mad. Deep within biological pods containing angry fish men guarding their undead high priest. They burst from the sacks to kill intruders and if they are killed the priest arises to raise them and destroy defilers with priest magic. The priest is a huge mummified fish man
74 A series of rubble covered hills has a stone gate way with lions carved above the door leading into the hillside. Past the heavy sealed doors, skeleton hoplites guard the entry halls and within a skeleton warrior with helm, shield and short sword. A horde of silver coins and bronze weapons in sarcophagi
75 A huge pile of boulders with heads and statues of long forgotten kings and gods in a out of the way gorge. A secret door in a large statue leads within. Zombies with bronze maces arise if opened. A mummified princess inside with spells conjures monsters to support them. She has jewellery and a huge polished bronze mirror, possibly magical
76 Irregular fitted stone blocks in the side of a hill built before humans has begun to crack open and with some help, explorers could gain entry. Has many Chambers and in each are the skeletons of giants. Some of the better preserved ones are zombies who arise to kill intruders if darkness broken by any light
77 A breast shaped mound built of fitted cyclopean boulders sits undisturbed for millennium. In a great chamber is the remains of a mummified dragon, buried by his worshippers. If his hoard of copper axe heads, tusks, skulls and teeth are touched he arises as a zombie with power of dragon fear and a nauseating gas cloud breathe
78 A circular structure of cyclopean stonework half berried in a hill has been shunned by locals. Inside is a 14 foot high coffin. A zombie cyclops inside with a great spear and several javelins of lightning arises if disturbed with sacks of gold coins in coffin
79 A Shambling  chalky mound of boulders is actually a tomb built by re
80 Huge basalt pillars stacked like a pyramid overgrown with vegetation is just visible up close as artificial. Built by lizard men for a king, inside a great chamber with some zombie lizard men guards is a great lizard chief with his triceratops mount which arise to fend off intruders as zombies. Hoard of black stone tablets of forbidden lore and copper weapons surrounds the inner burial pit
81 A fine stone rectangle carved with skeletal angels built by a lord centuries ago. Warrior clan now skeletons will arise if opened. Will kill intruders then repair. Many coffins and urns inside with warrior sarcophagi carved with lord's likeness. Inside mummy awakes if opened. Has a magic weapon and high quality amour which could be salvaged
82 A sealed stone temple long abandoned has entry to crypts below under the altar. Huge arched catacombs with many niches with bodies wrapped in bundles and urns. Skeletons have been used to decorate surfaces with paintings of underworld on walls. If defiled a mass of skeleton parts form a large bone elemental, a sprawling mass of bones with biting skulls and grasping hands. Holy symbols, some coins and other goods found on clergy bodies
83 A circular building was a base of a collapsed statue once many stories high, carved from stone by great artists. An inscription boasts king will never be forgotten and his name has been scratched off all texts. Inside king is a drooling insane immortal trapped in undead body, believes other corpses of family and slaves talk to him still. Wants to capture intruders to keep him company but has forgotten own name. Has a stash of silver ingots and amber beads
84 Rows of beastmen statues hold remains of a crumbled roof but central building carved in ancient hieroglyphs remains intact. Curses protect sealed doors, inside skeleton soldiers with bronze sickle swords, spears, axes and maces guard. A great stone sarcophagi with gilt coffin inside of a undead mummy. Gold household objects and funeral jars stacked around sarcophagi
85 A sealed church building among ruins with metal doors with relief art. Clergy of faith still guard. Inside is a great metal sarcophagi with fine relief statue of saint within a steel cage. If tampered with a outer planar being like an lesser angel or shedu appears to protect. Finest expensive robes and a gold rod and other artistic relics inside
86 A beautiful domed building with remains of once fine gardens and ponds around it. Gardens are crawling with giant rats some have burrowed into the tomb. If opened inside is amazing ceiling paintings and four columns surround great sarcophagi. A titanic snake (or naga) dwells inside, guarding from giant rats and other intruders. Body of a woman with gold and jewels inside
87 A cube building carved with erotic scenes that locals avoid. Inside a six armed female statue acts as a guardian with exotic bladed weapons in her hands. Tomb of a king and queen within with gold crowns and sceptre each
88 Carved building in shape of a great sitting sphinx with entry between legs. Door is open and guarded by charmed adventurers. A lamia inside decorates herself and lounges on ancient finery of gold and jewel's
89 A house size block carved with preying monks and knights fighting lizard men. If doors opened zombie knights attack. In sarcophagi is a skeletal knight in armour with sword and his beloved. He arises to attack any intruders. Gold coins and many urns surround coffins in sarcophagi
90 A black stone house with unearthly light absorbing properties as if made of shadow. If opened shadows attack. Onyx sarcophagi holds underworld gods lover who arises as a wraith if disturbed
91 Strange green glassy stone wet to touch carves into shape of a huge octopoid. Inside larger than outside crawling with brine encrusted dead adventurers. In sealed inner chamber an octopus headed demon spawn sleeps but will destroy intruders with spells. Strange artifacts many cursed lie with him
92 Strange basalt table with alien elder language on stone plug for a door. If seal broken evil wind demon awakens and attacks those intruding. Inside shattered magical talismans litter the floor, some with golden and silver fragments 
93 A stone house like tomb with remarkably intact fresco paintings f ancient celebrations. Once inside beings from the paintings attack. Inside is bigger than outside. In deepest level a lich is at work in his lair happy to kidnap some company for a few years of talking but could be bargained with
94 A plain stone cube, inside four bowls with an elemental bound defends the crypt. Four mirrors act as gates to other worlds. Wizards sarcophagi with magic treasure and books sealed in force cube
95 A crumbling stone huge temple with carvings of a frog demon eating and fornicating with sacrifices adorns the walls. Inside is a shrine and a well with a formless spawn inside, guarding remains of priests. They will arise if spawn is defeated as zombies. Amber, lapis and semiprecious gems adorn their robes. A polished mirror is a gate to the frog demons lair. Any sleeping nearby have nightmares
96 A crumbling stone tomb, partly flooded on outside with massive roots everywhere from giant trees. If intruders poke about the trees awaken and attack, splashing blood onto temple walls and chanting demon names. Inside a great stone coffin with are seeds of demon trees awaiting future needs and a cauldron that fills with blood every hour
97 A small stone tomb looks harmless but is inside a maze of invisible force walls that rearrange hourly. Dead past trapped victims approached spring to action as juju zombies. Inside an invisible stalker awaits to attack any who enter. A crystal sarcophagi with perfectly preserved vampire priestess is inside with hoard of semiprecious gems
98 A vast sprawling mausoleum has become a gate to the underworld guarded by hordes of undead and two demons by each of the seven doorways to the gate, disguised as statues. Gargoyles on outside try to scare away unwelcome trespassers. Hundreds of corpses and funerary jars inside
99 A huge palatial tomb with undead in outer areas. Deeper areas with army of terracotta life size statues with weapons that animate and attack. In centre a jade mummy king and his zombie brides dream of future conquest when time is right
100 Tomb of chaos worshipping eldren emperor guarded by elementals and demons. He is imprisoned is stasis bubble frozen in time while his people went though the many gates in central tomb to various other worlds to escape his tyranny. Same tomb exists on multiple planes simultaneously

d50+50 (51-100) Extra Guardians Tables
Expands Guardians & Graveyards table that only went up to 50

51 Graverobber gang members on lookout for rivals, will ambush or sound alarm
52 A yappy dog follows party barking furiously
53 Cold phantom hand keeps touching intruders
54 Decomposing hand of zombie grabs leg from underground
55 Screaming female phantom attracts trouble
56 An imp watches party, records names and returns to hell
57 A stinking black could follows intruders causing retching, stink for 1d4 days
58 Chattering skeleton teeth put everyone on edge
59 Cherubim sounds trumpet waking everyone for a mile
60 Chirping of birds or crickets intensifies to a roar
61 Swarm of moths surround, start to cover intruders with thick dusty layer
62 White worm bursts from ground and stings someones foot
63 Witch gives evil eye and curses from hiding spot
64 Mosquito swarm harasses and intensifies
65 Bat riding goblins with hit and run arrow fire
66 Woman in red calls to intruders, lures int covered open grave
67 Spirit of grave tries to possess intruder and visit family
68 Spirit of grave tries to possess intruder and take revenge on enemy
69 A dark elf takes arrow potshots and spells from hiding
70 Drunk priest harasses by throwing rocks and bottles
71 Homeless man abuses intruders, possessed by a spirit
72 Minor devil informs you are doing great job will see you soon then vanishes
73 Raven flies over to nearby house and taps on window shutters
74 A sphinx (possibly stone form most of the time)
75 A pumpkin or turnip headed scarecrow golem
76 A wolf headed beast man, pretends is a werewolf
77 A sad donkey headed beastman starts braying
78 Croaking toads become deafening attracts locals
79 Sprites or brownies harass from hiding with cruel jokes
80 Drunken youths with sheets and chains, if harmed local mob outraged
81 Area crawling with snake swarm, mostly harmless but you never know
82 Invisible wolf attacks
83 Robed figure approaches, actually a ghoul with allies sneaking up from behind
84 A crying woman with bleeding begs for help, up close she is a phantom
85 Illusion of bleeding hands and eyes on defilers sent by good spirit
86 A spirit curses intruders with some ironic affliction like foul corpse odor
87 Bat headed beast man martial artists sent by lord of the underworld
88 Corpse arises and criticizes intruders, warns them about afterlife
89 A devil offers gold for your soul as you seem committed to evil
90 Miasma of putrescent flesh wafts over party, save vs disease
91 A lynchmob sick of necromancy apprentices in area awaiting trouble makers
92 A raven comes to watch commenting how brave you are considering risk...
93 A cult are having a drug fueled orgy, witnesses must be hunted and killed
94 A murderer seeking victims spotted party and follows them for ambush
95 A horribly dismembered vivisected phantom corpse gazes judgmentally
96 Mutilated phantom comes to warn what happened to him when he was caught by mob
97 Phantom takes form of a dead relative warning not to make mistake
98 Doppelgangers try to infiltrate and confuse intruders
99 A great winged beast flies overhead in darkness, most animals flee
100 Earth rumbles and skeleton chariot with deathknight from underworld drives away sinners


  1. Cool stuff as usual.
    Some suggestions for turning tables: lycanthropes, work great for druidy types. Fairies should be turnable by uptight non-cavorting pious lawfuls.
    Robots and mutants could be turnable by tech-priests.

    1. im thinking can add a new type every few levels or get a non weapon skill - great suggestions

      poor elemental chaos priest in my game got to 4th without any turning/commanding but now has bottled water weirds


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