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d100 Dungeon Decor Table: Rooms

D100 decorator to turn rooms into horror chambers that scare players crapless or make them wonder why would any mad wizard make this or why would a monster do this. Room could mean a open area or several adjacent rooms.

You might up the anti by making magically hostile trap versions or spreading over the dungeon.

They should make party think they are possibly important or a trap. Some not quite right for whole dungeon. To be fair I think dungeon distractions could be a title too but they could be used as brainstorming kickstarters. Just use when room sweeping getting monotonous.

d100 Dungeon Decor Table: Rooms

01 Area covered in gelatinous slime mould like growth
02 Area covered in toadstools
03 Fleas and rat feces and garbage
04 Straw or sawdust freshly covered area or old and stinky
05 Burned charcoal, ash, charred bones and other scraps
06 Large hanging oil lamps, very well illuminated
07 Former abandoned campsite of adventurers or monsters
08 Severed hands scattered about over area
09 Freshly slaughtered rival party corpses, stripped, throats slit
10 Near dead villager, bandit or militiaman has been tortured
11 Graffiti piece or mural by a dungeon faction declaring they are best
12 Zombie nailed to walls or floor
13 Repulsive rotten pile of stolen vegetables crawling with bugs and mould
14 Chains holding prisoner manacled to wall desperate for water, possibly blind
15 Fireplace with spit roast human corpse mostly eaten and charred
16 Blood covered altar with fresh blood and gizzard train
17 Sarcophagi with mummified corpse, ancient armour and weapons (or use my Gothic tables)
18 Suits of armour by doorway in old fashioned styles
19 Weapons and shields mounted on walls with dated coats of arms
20 Tapestry with epic awe inspiring scene from history or religion
21 Barrels or boxes stacked everywhere
22 Racks of armour and weapons
23 Torture equipment and executioner tools on display
24 Huge relief faces carved into walls with open mouths
25 Stone gargoyles on plinths
26 Statue of a god, hero or demon with semiprecious stones for eyes
27 Shrine to minor divinity, spirits or ancestors with minor sacrifices
28 Copper coins neat stacked or scattered everywhere amidst dungeon dung
29 Glittering slime trails everywhere from some creature
30 Creature nests with bundled straw and garbage and feathers and bones
31 Chalk drawing map on wall with markings
32 Crude board game on table or pieces and board scattered
33 Built boxes, chains and bowls for pets of some kind currently elsewhere
34 Sewerage everywhere, slippery and foul
35 Blood spattered everywhere
36 Cobwebs covering everything
37 Giant spider webbing, sticky if fail save, husks of dead victims
38 Giant eggs or egg sack
39 Huge cocoons of some kind of creature
40 Paralysed victims being eaten alive by grubs
41 Goods and clothes with just organic slime inside
42 Bodies covered in plague pustules and buboes
43 Dead choked men drunk some kind of poison or gassed
44 Someone cooking nearby something smells good
45 Table with a tray of pies or cakes
46 Patch of shrieking fungus and giant toadstools
47 Crack in ground leads to ancient buried monster nest
48 Hole in wall big enough to squeeze through dub by some creature
49 Open pits with poison stakes and limited walkways and bridges
50 Open pits with lava and limited walkways and bridges
51 Choking smoke from vent makes visibility and breathing difficult
52 Wall or ceiling heavily dripping and bulging with pressure
53 Crystalline growth on stuff, some sparkly
54 Shaft or vent or chimney to surface, too small for adult
55 Hair and nail clippings and dirty wash water from dungeon annual delousing day
56 Evidence of summoning like sacrifices, chalk circles and incense
57 Collections of dead body and skeletal body parts sorted by size and condition
58 Dirty coffins with partially eaten corpses inside
59 Huge stone block with arms and feet sticking out
60 Pit with dead party in bottom and something eating them
61 Pile of human skulls or severed heads
62 Slave gang hard at work terrified of any trouble, broken and wretched
63 Horribly mutilated corps, "adventurers" out carved into chest
64 Unconscious human child in state of shock
65 Unconscious villager, hysterically screams
66 Witch child claims was kidnapped not exchanged in a deal
67 Plague carrier badly injured
68 Poisonous food and drink left out on table
69 Caltrops everywhere amid rubbish on floor
70 Rat swarm covering gnawing at a corpse
71 Rats chewing scrap of rope staked by a deep pit, adventurers bags nearby
72 Adventurers hidden stash behind illusionary wall
73 Illusionary pit trap
74 A pair of boots with feet still in them
75 Great pellet of human and monster bones (like what owls cough up)
76 Flailed skins of adventurers nailed to walls
77 Poison nails place amid trash on floor
78 Deadfall traps place over doorways, skeleton inside
79 Harmless phantom appears to try scare party
80 Poltergeist is enraged and attacks
81 Mould or slime covered dank room
82 Crumbling hole in wall reveals sealed chamber
83 Room doors staked and barred, starved thief inside
84 Feral dungeon dogs might be tamed with food
85 Mule with adventurers bags eating straw or possibly whining
86 Rabbit burrows enter room and fluffy tasty cowards flee
87 A pond, giant toad or two live here
88 A font with a minor elemental spirit of water, possibly hostile
89 Rust monster tied to wooden beam looks hungry
90 Cave ape, bear or giant wolf chained up so passing it difficult
91 Sleeping ogre on a temporary nest having a sly nap
92 Human butchered hanging from meat hooks, worm ridden
93 Supernatural being imprisoned in magical restraint
94 Gremlins having a party, if see you flee and stalk for later
95 Peasant man impaled on a 10 foot pole still dying, thinks your his party
96 Man, dwarf or elf staked to wall with iron spikes, still living
97 Badly wounded priest or wizard with hands and tongue cut off
98 Mirror with entry to pocket dimension with trapped demon
99 Painting with pocket dimension to eternally repeating scene
100 Table with battle plans to attack parties campsite and freshly emptied beers

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