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Update BRP SF Character Sheet + Gene Mods + Play Stuff

I Still may put it into categories more like Ringworld but will wait until my next campaign era.

Currently doing gene mod trees  - players shouldn't see last two

Basically major human types developed own IP for their own gene mod trees. They are designed to block each other from the top tiers so you mixing types is less impressive. 

To choose a second tier mod you need a first one, to get a third tier one you need a second one, You cant mix and match the types to get a second tier on a tree must be of the same type.

Generally, you can pick 3

The last two cult/alien types can stack and are alien-designed users do not fully understand.

A player in the current game basically discovers one Mythos mod and is now concerned if he ever goes mad this technology might be a problem. Players discover lots of awesome science stuff.

Some notes here also on each faction's use of machines and AI also

Black Chamber (Mars) Mars is the central system of millitary and mercantile capital. It manages the trade with the outer system and belt. This mod is designed to make Mars the premier millitary in space rather than for conditions on Mars. Able to travel faster than other humans in space they can also take more punishment. Only the Martian millitary normally qualifies. Martians are very driven, progressive and profit-motivated and believe in keeping order in the system. AI and machines are limited conversationally here. They are notoriously hierarchical and jerks.

Brotherhood (Belter)
 The belt is the most culturally diverse and poorerst people who produce most of the systems mineral resources and space labour.  Sacrificed a life of automated luxury as slaves to the AI and hegemony to be free in tin cans. Preserve lots of old heart nationalities, religions, and political movements. This mod was made by belter consortiums for living and working in low G conditions for life such as in orbitals, space habs or spacecraft. This is the most common off-planet mod and the easiest tree to obtain if a belter community accepts you. Belters want to survive, thrive and have the good life they know they are excluded from by the Inner worlds. The AI and robots are old and mostly dumber or malcontent troublesome AI that Inner machines don't want around.

Lotus Eaters (Venus) Venus is a highly dangerous automated environment with vast chemical factories and mines with orbital and high atmosphere cloud palaces. They are considered a bit decadent, vain, lazy and spoiled. AI and corporations developed this mod tree for the hedonistic orbital and cloud cities of Venus. Build for long lives of social interactions and looking pretty. Usually the most important citizens: celebrities, artist and influencers receive these. Venusians love lives of laziness and pleasure. Quite a few live in virtual environments and suffer poor health from luxury and immobility, Venusians let their AI and machines do all the hard work. Venus AI are best for entertainment and are the most unnecessarily sexualised. Use more humanoid robots and androids  

Selenites (Luna) Luna is highly automated and its citizens engaged in science and constructing the near light speed colony ships starting in ten years. Moon colonies developed this mod for their workers, elite scientists and technologists. They have the most robots and automatons and work with them often. They don't try to humanise them and are more functional. More goal-oriented and direct than Terran versions. Their mods are brain oriented. Most involved in FTL research, astronomy, navigation and the colony ship program. 

Olympus (Terra) Terra during the last war was taken over by AI who took decades to consolidate power and agree on the human problem. Now every haman is raised with AI that entertains humans and gives them meaningful work. This mod was made to make long-lived citizens live lives for culture, science and nature. Most are entertained by various public service and intellectual activities. Terrans who win public awards may qualify for this through public service, progress or essential works. Malcontents who don't qualify risk being sent to the outer system. Terrans have been administered in every aspect of their lives by AI for centuries and are raised side by side with AI for life. They are the most notoriously chatty AI who know too much about you. Robots tend to be non humanoid and don't use androids much.

Colonial (Sol) made by colonial authority building near FTL colony ships. This package will be for the first-generation flight crew and passengers selected for the colony program. Most of those selected so far are from Inner worlds. It is expected new colonists may modify themselves on arrival to suit new conditions. Colonials work closely with machines and depend on them greatly. They use human-looking machines and androids that can use human equipment and replace humans in a crisis. 

Cult (Typical Cult) package to become in contact with alien species and intelligence and service harm from your own species. Some of these may have been inspired by ancient books, alien ruins, dreams or biological samples kept in secret. Each cult has its own final forms the first two tiers are to work for the cult and still seem human, The final tier results in inevitably becoming a servitor creature and humanity may be stripped slowly or rapidly. The cult will often have a hierarchy where devout initiates may receive the gift especially, while the second tier is for leaders, agents or assassins. Cult may have its own AI or may work with systems corrupted or deranged. Cults have done some strange things with androids and robots including brain removal for biological controls of robot or android bodies.

Ghastification (Unknown) Someone a hundred thousand years ago took humanoids from earth and infected them with an alien mould-like material that grows over the skin and then sets to work modifying the organism. It feeds off radiation and sustains them in a near vacuum. Some of these have been found on planetoids and moons and Mars apparently hibernating. The Martian Terraforming seems to have awoken some. They seem capable of using human technology and have rarely been seen with unknown tools. Possibly some of the oldest are less humanoid with tails and more batlike features, perhaps some older alien species. Using unknown technology ghouls have evaded electronic detection and AI systems. The mould seems to carry remnants of non-human species the mould has grown on in the past and some memory RNA seems to be carried in the mould.  They seem far more intelligent than people might think seeing them and can use human tools, Only a few Black labs know fragments of this. Ghouls might be a related or variant species.

Exterminator (Clone Corp) During the AI wars some AI-operated genetic clone-grown infantry enhanced with various improvements depending on how long they were cooked for or printed. Later there were some rogue AI operation clones and weapon factories launching on a massacre of usual belters. Everybody hates them and most were killed and their AI reformed or shut down. There are also similar AI-run factions using robot or android troops. These mods are about all-round combat supremacy.

Underworld (Syndicate) Crime syndicates created this mod to enhance gang members do crimes.Many spies and agents have adopted these mods and is as easy to get as owing a syndicate boss favours. Some speculate organised crime is a state scam controlled from Terra for espionage and the illusion of freedom like money money-based economic zone beyond Mars. The syndicate developed this to make agents superior, criminals, fighters and assassins. They even have corrupted or deranged AI working for them and happily steal any machines and repurpose them

Game shenanigans
So I had players in disguise on a terraforming platform and a suspicious mine. Managed to find monsters with some tool entering the base when people were not around and using a tool to override the small simple AI. They got into a firefight and then some alien Autopsies. The player scientist has discovered three alien DNA samples and is wary of harm they could do if mad. Players totally working with the government was a surprise but they are keeping some secrets and destroying some evidence. Party had kept an alien rod that is a psionic computer interface that can operate and hack computers uncannily well. They didn't tell the government. Scientist made a more rat ghast using hair/mould samples of ghasts and quickly incinerated this.

They discovered the creatures were modified humans and DNA estimated with computer modelling that they had diverged from people 100k ago. But their knees had bent backwards, grown weird fur(?) and they have fangs and claws and could live in near vacuum and resist radiation and cold and low pressure. Player scientists made some mole rat - hybrids and looking for cure. Possibly millitary applications and could affect the system. DIscoverd UV light burns them. Destroyed the molerat monster.

They managed to do some cross country travel in early terraformed mars. Tried travelling in a dust storm to get close to the mine. Managed to map with inertial mapbox readings but had close call with mars buggy and a sinkhole. The Martian marine used jetpack to escape and they saved the vehichle from the pit and moved on. Weather wasn't so bad but up close lost buggy in another sinkhole. Hiked in the storm and reached the Mine habitat where the crew settled in for days on vodka. 

Sneaked in grabbed lots of data and looked at the terrible secret. A shimmering reflective stasis box that may contain aliens or technology. They found signs of failed efforts to open the stasis boxes they referred to as the "Tabernacle". Also discovered a psychic UFO expert somehow spoken with a board member of the Mars Mining corp and AI had agreed hoping humans would find nothing and give up. This psychic has convinced the board member they can open the stasis bubble of the Tabernacle.

So they broke cover in part, called in mars marines and had the UFO expert arrested and brought to lab for interrogation. Turns out he had a unlawful brain mod to pineal gland. PArty had him iced and sent into storage with the "Martian Codex" text of partially translated alien writing on stone. Party thought looked like ghasts they had killed but their heads were different and these had tails they also had bigger rods than the key hacking stick they had found. They totally didn't want to open the stasis field with the alien tool and actively stopped it from accessing the stasis bubble automatically. The party destroyed lots of evidence deliberately and didn't mention their alien hacking device. They even used it to discover it was a manipulation of AI that got the party together. Still glad they joined the spooks watching for aliens.

Am enjoying that the probs of Cthulhu seem better here. Stuff like retro sexism, racism and HPL banging on about rednecks and foreigners and making indigenous ppl demon cults comes up less for the moment. Im enjoying the dystopia/utopia pushing everyone to the outer worlds for freedom. Im fine characters have not tried too hard to meet aliens but have done lots of lab work and dangerous cross-country travel with poor ground car skills. Flight pack turned out to be a lifesaver several times and everyone improved EVA and science skills.

More on this gene mod tree system
Realise will maybe do some specific cult trees and a tree for the clone troopers mods also - a faction that has appeared a few times originating with factions of the AI wars. At several periods on earth and in the belt they were a serious problem and why there is a Mars Navy (also piracy, smuggling, belt terrorism and now cults). Maybe for number reasons I might make one more tree type maybe a crime-based tree. 

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