Tuesday 31 January 2023

Updates on Projects

A quick note about my projects especially in light of has-been Has-bro's gamer-gouge and my freaking out for a few weeks and considering the impact of this. 

This is a collector guide for my 3fold flyer adventures on my patreon.
Will do one for my other books and zines and adventures 

Mole machine 3fold drops on the 1st and is one I'm especially happy with. A reader requested this and its useful for me to see this. I may have to revise the numbering system. Season one is edited. Season two has been edited with lots of thorough notes and I'm considering revising stuff. Ive toned down on starting up everything in these. After all the minimum early edition monster stat block is what really holds retro D&D together and lets me even use DCC stuff with no effort. So some of these will end up in bundles at some sale point but I'm kinda not very motivated in hustling my hobby interests right now.

Been doing lots of work on my homebrew. Will revise a draft of my digest rulebook when the spells are finished. Then will start a more major a4 big book revision with more D&Disms worn away and a revision of the spell list to one A-Z with more customised lists for species and subclasses. 

Acid Mines Of Neon Mountain Update. This was intended to use a stripped-down version of retro D&D with alternate level progression from 1-4th for fort campaigns from rags to superheroes. I've decided to call this System: Heartbreaker. The rulebook will be open-source CC. Settings and adventures won't and you need to write character classes for each adventure campaign. There are no spell lists all abilities are built into your classes and include setting-based abilities and names. Which leads to the gonzo adventurers of the adventure. I may simplify this system more to be less D&D like now.  Previews for this will be on my Patreon upper tiers some colour character cards with stats next. Hopefully ends up being a more useful more weirder overdesigned zine format and maybe i can find someone to publish it for me so it gets better exposure than I could do.

Exilon Book In Production.

Frog-Wars Book this year
Possibly a second Broken Hill Book or huge expansion
Revision of my Stoneage Sorcery book as I have a stunning cover and lots more content
Xor book - sadly AI would be good for this I made lots of wonderful inspiring flesh-scapes made me want to work on this again. I should finish the map of Shadelport this year and a bridge mega dungeon..

I did consider some collaborations but currently, plenty of people have bigger worries. One SF item and one project to create a vintage pulp RPG that is anti-colonialist. Less dependent on ethnic slander villainy but still killing nazis and plunderers. I'm unsure if this is possible but want some AGent13 level mega story for setting

Lots of my old art files to dig through sigh for copyright-free clip art as AI has kinda become more hated since my last big book. Id happily only use an AI trained on my own art and historic art. I've been hoarding images since 80s and have filing cabinets of strange late 80s early 90s stuff in mags not online. I recently helped my ex-boss in the comic biz throw out two 12-ton dumpsters of reference material collected since 70s? Mountains of reference books are also everything a realist comic artist would need. It's been so much easier to find stuff online than your own physical reference books or even your own hard drives. AI art i did find very stimulating this year and I've seen amazing stuff I enjoyed. It has me reading art philosophy, law and cognitive theory again. I'm reminded lots about the Muller Fokker effect by John Sladek about AI art written in the 70s. As lots of my work as an artist since 80s was reference-based or collage I find some claims about art recently are hostile to found art and sampling.

I've seen AI-generated humans of late talking on videos and it's mostly because they have the same over-expressive features as each other I noticed and I'm sure soon I won't be able to tell and they will be targeted at me. Im seeing more AI writing. The first "AI" novel I read was produced in the 70s. Maybe it will be a penguin classic one day despite the high amount of sex for a detective story.  

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