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d100 Encounters in your Isolated Utopian Complex

Once again this is for games like Nurocity, paranoia, post-apoc bunkers and weird isolated space colonies.

Who Is Most Important (roll a d3)
1 A long-gone founder who heroically founded the system
2 Central committee of senior managers
3 Chairman of a great council of representatives 
4 The collective good and the people are in power, the system is just the means
5 A great charismatic hero who has victories against the enemy and roots out traitors
6 Fictional leader cult that claims the leader is alive and still issuing commands
7 Scientist Supreme of elected in the council of scientists and scholars
8 The General leader of military and security 
9 A possibly fictional enemy is used as a target of hate
10 A computer AI with a personality and own purpose

d10 Local System Quirks
1 Eugenics program - now technically a subspecies of homosapiens
2 Fictional enemy or threat used in propaganda
3 Constant propaganda broadcasts, posters and screens 
4 Made robot worker caste
5 Made android worker caste
6 Made abhumanoid worker caste
7 System failures and shortages 
8 Constant riots, war and terror attacks 
9 Surveillance systems poor, more crime & black market 
10 Some hidden power rules in secret 

d10 Quick Encounter Types
1 Daily life
2 Message
3 Security
4 Crime
5 Recreation 
6 Training
7 Workplace
8 Spectacles
9 Red Tape
10 Relationships

d100 Encounters in your Isolated Utopian Complex
01 Power or water shortage for inconvenient period
02 Transport hold up due to emergency or accident, security and emergency personnel redirect traffic
03 Printout from the computer of your health plan readings and a report making new diet and fitness plans and supplements for you
04 Coworker has been replaced surprisingly, new friendly co-worker already at work
05 You got a surprise counselling session from a psyche med-tech
06 Some new pills have been given to you today
07 Surprise menu replacement surprise normal service will resume please accept this substitute meal
08 Some appliance or architectural feature is damaged and requires a report to maintenance who may send some workers
09 A vehichle failure has blocked traffic on tube trains or transit tunnels, requires crack technician team 
10 Someone you know who seemed irritated and uneasy of late has won a retirement holiday prize for years of faithful service  
 Have a video call from a retired elder from their retirement pod or even a prerecorded message from their cremated or frozen or recycled corpse
12 Recruitment offer from a good job opportunity but they want a few risks to prove your loyalty
13 Supervisor would like a chat about your service and productivity 
14 Called to report to a focus group for psychotronic research
15 Called to be a juror from any sealed com terminal
16 Called to sit on a committee about some local petty infrastructure matter 
17 Find a secret message from someone staying hidden from the system
18 Find a secret package deliberately hidden by someone 
19 Computer has selected you for a 30-minute recreational romantic event
20 Won additional credit in your computer games letting you play more hours per day
21 Security checkpoint and extra scan today due to a possible threat
22 Emergency security check on everyone in a now sealed section
23 Inspector interviews you about a person or location and gives you their card if you need to report anything - never explains why wants information
24 Some bored guards demand ID papers and enjoy flexing some power over someone to see if they react
25 Armed police burst in but mistaken address apologies and send a door tech to fix the damage or a medic if anyone shot 
26 Armed security see someone flee so chase them and beat or shoot them
27 Plainclothes undercover surveillance agent follow you for a while to see if linked to an ongoing investigation
28 Security and inspector in a hurry wand to confirm your location at a time and place then leave
29 Saw riot squad deeply gas and semi-lethal weapons on an unhappy mob of agitators who are restrained in apparatus and transported away in trucks
30 Eccentric locals elder or youths beaten by security for not showing enough respect to law
31 You see someone sneakily eat a usually contraband food item
32 You witness some unauthorised flirtation between your peers at work 
33 Someone offers you to join an illegal betting game or gambling event
34 See someone bribe an official for better treatment
35 Someone asks you for a favour and offers you some vice or contraband in return
36 Security sting try to tempt you with something nice but its a trap and a fine
37 Someone is stealing items from your workplace
38 You find some dumped equipment in the wrong bin that seems a waste when it could be traded or used, maybe security might reward you for reporting it
39 See someone uses a rarely used service door to a secret black market inside the infrastructure of the complex
40 Person offers you various forbidden items for something they know you have access to
41 Visit a nightclub for smart drinks and non-contact dancing
42 Allowed in a VIP orgy garden for a d4 hours
43 Play or watch one of the many sports events used to test teamwork or release stress and frustration with safely padded arenas mostly. Handball, frisbee, slaughter-seven, rollermurder and kosho (shooting hoops on a trampoline with boxing gloves). The more pro leagues are more violent and dangerous
44 Have a public computer game battle with an excited audience
45 Surprise visits from your state-approved sex therapist
46 Went to an educational museum or perk with a tour group to learn 
47 Hung out in an authorised unsealed area some friends found and listened to music and swapped stuff
48 Went to some party but turned out its some kind of cult or strange faction
49 Sent to Similacra Park where they duplicate the awful conditions of the past that necessitate our current perfect ideals and system. Can be quite shocking and includes war, violence, cannibalism, slavery, religion and torture
50 Visited art galleries or concerts of respectable approved culture
51 Sent on a refresher safety course
52 Sent on a surviving a terror attack workshop
53 Sent on a course to surveil coworkers better
54 Sent on a course to show you what happens to traitors and criminals
55 Sent on a political protocols course for new paperwok
56 Sent to help riot police train herding civilian mobs
57 Sent to a re-education workshop over some past petty act d6 1=not flushing 2=stole stationary 3=took something from recycling 4=non prescription medicine 5=unauthorised subject data search 6=unauthorised entry
58 Asked to give an incident report with hundreds of pages of forms for something you didn't even see
59 Watch hours of security and privacy awareness films required by workplace
60 Given training sessions in new equipment or policy 
61 Workplace accident or possible suicide
62 Someone in the workplace flipped out and the psycho-medics took them away
63 Someone discovered a surveillance device in the workplace and was unsure what to do
64 Generous manager brings a small cake and party hats to celebrate a worker's retirement or transfer, ordered to celebrate for ten minutes jubilantly
65 Workshop on how users are gauging the credit system and hap to catch them out
66 Hygiene workshop on sanitising your station and body everyday or in event of toxic exposure
67 Safety drill with emergency personnel and security, those acting without urgency are taken away to a special training centre: camp safety
68 Emergency support training with special distinctive overalls to assist with disasters, some assigned specific key jobs and some occasional perks
69 Purity Patrol help evaluate and classify historic documents and occasionally destroy false and factually inaccurate records that slander the system or the party or the computer
70 Purity teen sex patrol help lecture to young people the deadly, dangerous and treasonous signs in unauthorised sex acts. Lies and mythical supernatural characters are considered acceptable for methods to keep juves in control but chems help also
71 Popular celebrity artist, writer or singer is removed from the datafeed and all their old work vanishes and is taken away
72 Popular trial of a murderer, cult leader or traitor being screened, many plan to see live
73 A violent sports finale is being broadcast usually some brutal sport d4 1=murderball with balls, chains, rollerskates & motorbikes 2=death drive a violent car race 3=turkey shoot where criminals are hunted for sport 4=slaughter-seven where simulated famous murders are selected by victims who hunted and killed by them
74 Exiting propaganda film detailing important leaders and evil enemies and traitors
75 Go to see elderly retirees go to the recycling centre to aid the community as biofuel fertiliser and amino acids. Some are very ornate with costumes and a parade
76 See a parade of glorious heroes of the system d4 1=scientists 2=security 3=bureacrats and party leaders 4=programers and the computer
77 Accidently went into area yu should not have but seems insecure and has a possible way to see whats outside
78 Terror leader caught and confesses to child murder, cannibalism and anti-patriotism, his face and execution time are announced
79 Warnings of dangerous mentally unstable criminal on the loose for days, talks about their path to being a killer from some basic petty deeds that could have been prevented. Various vices and petty rebellious acts were found to be the cause of the domino fall to chaos
80 Celebration of a glorious victory with images of the system and former destroyed enemies
81 Surprise fitness assessment
82 Given a huge stack of census forms
83 Given a new policy manual in preparation for an exam
84 Report a dangerous co-worker for causing problems in the system
85 Audit of your department with extra forms do fill in
86 Given a security assessment with personality tests and several debriefings
87 Considered for another important job given a background check 
88 Someone in your department gave you a mountain of extra work by being lazy
89 Required to apply for a permit or some dated qualification will be deleted
90 Work sent you to deal with an interdepartmental request
91 Someone you know being questioned by security
92 Someone you know sent to patriotism camp
93 Friend offers to spend time with you in their secret hideaway
94 Someone at work looks out for you and gets rid of some problem
95 Someone you have not seen in a while seems more zealous and patriotic
96 Old friend not seen in years wants to catch up
97 A former rival tries some petty revenge d4 1=poison 2=bomb 3=false evidence of crime 4=reports you for treason
98 An attractive person you met seems to know lots of fun places not in the data-framework
99 An old friend gives you some contraband items and offers to help you get connected
100 A recent troubled friend seems convinced they can escape or get out somehow

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