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d100 Encounters in a Prison Riot

This is meant for fantasy more than modern era or space stuff. It is horrible but as my setting is based on awful historic reality so be it. The anti slavery and anti torture movements in my world are only just beginning and players are welcome to help these causes and make the world nicer. Starting in a baseline utopia is pretty boring and in most books you yould get away from them or visit one that is secretly horrible. One of several prison articles I have done and meant to do for years. I just did a prison map thing so in the mood. Some future adventurers in a game of mine im sure will be in prison.

More Psionics soon.
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d10 Quick Types of Event
01 Control
02 Rioters
03 Screw Schemes
04 Violence
05 Gangs
06 Escape
07 Parley
08 Not so bad stuff
09 Strange
10 Supernatural

d100 Encounters in a Prison Riot
01 Alarm bells and horns sound out alerting all staff
02 Guards go to the armoury to gear up for riot
03 Guards patrol the outer perimeter and lock all gates
04 Guards with dogs patrol outside or between walls
05 Governor sends someone for help from militia
06 Governor demands end to this nonsense immediately
07 Armoured guards attack hotspots and seize chokepoints 
08 Crossbows or muskets fire warning shots
09 Other local militia or military arrive (often cavalry)
10 Non-essential personnel flee the prison
11 Prisoners seize guards as hostages
12 Prisoners free tortured inmates and hang torturers
13 Prisoners start a fire
14 Prisoners control a wing or a yard
15 Prisoners in holed up in tower or outbuilding
16 Prisoners threaten death to hostages if not released
17 Prisoners demand better conditions and fewer inmate deaths
18 Local crime guild offers to stop mess for money
19 Riot is to cover an escape attempt or part of a bigger plan
20 Prisoners barricade selves in with captives
21 Priest offers to talk prisoners down
22 Governor* tries letting prisoners find drugged wine
23 Guards throw in wasp nests
24 Guards back off to starve prisoners out
25 Governor* threatens death sentences
26 Governor* offers clemency if all surrender
27 Guards try to smoke prisoners out
28 Governor* offers a shot of rum and extra bread if everyone turns in
29 Governor* flees in a panic early on and looks like a foolish coward
30 Governor* calls some local adventurers to help
31 Inmate stabbing d4 1=inmate 2=guard 3=dog 4=pillow
32 Inmate chewing on a corpse happily
33 Inmates discuss how to execute guard captives
34 Two gangs of inmates argue over what to do, shouting gets louder
35 Inmates arranging dead guard bodies laughing
36 Inmate writing on the wall with blood
37 Guard being tortured by inmates
38 Gang handing out improvised and captured weapons
39 Inmates have trapped a guard dog and intend to torment it
40 Inmates making improvised weapons and incendiaries
41 Gang chanting and singing confidently with leaders urging on
42 Gang use mattresses and use as shields to rush truncheon armed guards
43 Gang leader tries to unite all in a unified mass escape 
44 Two leaders and followers feud over who to unite under
45 Gang plan to kill weaker more harmless felons
46 Two gangs fighting each other
47 Gang faction hold kangaroo court over unpopular inmates and guard captives
48 Gang make a cruel gauntlet ritual and force captive guards through 
49 Gang force guards to fight each other to the death
50 Guards forcing guard to eat human flesh
51 Inmates trying to remove some bars
52 Someone breaks through the roof
53 Inmates breaching barred gate with improvised tools
54 Inmates improvised climbing equipment 
55 Inmates get to work finishing a tunnel they worked on for months
56 Someone climbs and jumps the outer wall but is injured on landing
57 Inmates build a battering ram and smash through a gate
58 Inmates breach a wall with improvised tools
59 Some inmates in guards uniforms and with keys trying to get out 
60 An inmate with a hostage wants to cut own deal to get out
61 A local gang sabotage guards schemes from outside and block reinforcements
62 Escaped convicts years ago formed bandit gang who come to help free brothers
63 Both sides back off and barricade themselves 
64 Both sides parley by yelling over a no mans land
65 Representative of criminal mob to meet governor with demands
66 Both sides sling verbal abuse
67 Prisoners demand food and grog as they have hostages
68 Savage battle erupts with losses on both sides
69 Guards attack and target one of the inmate leaders
70 Truce called so both sides can collect dead and have medical care
71 Inmates capture medical supplies and rum and want to party
72 Inmates graffiti everything possible
73 Inmates fling chamber pots at the guards
74 Inmates blame everything on a single senior guard
75 Inmates discover fraudulent documents and corrupt records
76 Inmates find cult paraphernalia in some guards lockers and a secret cult shrine
77 Inmates with a smuggled in messenger pigeon get their true grievances to public 
78 Inmates build a catapult of junk to hurl stones and chamber pots over walls
79 Inmates get on walls and bare their buttocks to taunt guards
80 Inmates hiding wounded guard as he not as awful as the rest
81 Governor releases beast d6 1=giant spider 2=giant slug 3=troll 4=carrion crawlers 5=basilisk 6=flesh eating ape
82 See one of the gargyoles on tower kill someone and eat them
83 Governor hires some evil orc riot breaker berserkers, what could go wrong
84 Governor sends a trained gelatinous stalker to kill specific inmates through vents
85 Guards smoke the sewer rats in drains to all exit into prison, some are huge
86 A gang of hungry doppelgangers infiltrate guards to kill and create havoc
87 Inmates united by ordeal create a new cult or gang 
88 Inmates found entry to secret dungeon under prison
89 Goblins or kobolds burrow in from below and give inmates old weapons and armour
90 Mimic chest eating an inmate
91 Graves of the nameless dead buried between walls arise to escape
92 An inmate is a werewolf or other lycanthrope or shapeshifter
93 Inmate cultist uses the chance to sacrifice victim and call a demon
94 Devil cultist offers inmates jobs in hell if they just submit to transformations
95 Cult outside prison try to help brethren inside
96 Wizard or priest spell user arrives to assist the governor
97 Evil entity beneath the prison is awoken by violence and comes to feed on living
98 Phantom spirits of old inmates are awakened by the psychic anger of inmates
99 Evil wizard or priest with followers arrives to add to the chaos and sabotage guards
100 Cultists call on their dark lord for a miracle and lightning destroys a wall


  1. Very useful post, for when the players inevitably get caught and hauled off to prison

    1. yes - there is a carousing prison table too



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