Monday, 13 March 2017

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Historic Prostitutes of London Adventures

So this could be a boardgame inspired by talisman or arkham horror type or table based sandbox RPG. Who lives the longest wins. An advanced option is you replace your dead prostitute for a serial killer. Prostitute can be of any age or gender. Partly inspired by artwork of Hogarth's Harlots and street scenes from 1730s prints.

Could be Victorian or even steampunk for brand recognition. A monopoly type board game would have various squares cause problems or you collect money from clients. Cards will deal you tragedies or treats like get to live as aristocrats kept love toy or your pimp stabs you. Or perhaps your skin glows and is rotting from working in a match factory or you get a trip to the seaside with a client or something awful. Minis like a variety of persons or each payer has several figures indicating how your prostitute deteriorates towards doom.

While Harlots progress could be a educational and historically factual game based on literary and art sources it would be undoubtedly tasteless and possibly not to everyone's taste. It isn't a bout titillating sex antics, more about the dangerous life led by sex workers.

Also thinking that bards could be courtesans and possibly a Geisha could be a bard. A few extra non weapon skills might emphasize this. Courtesans make great cheer squads and perform bard abilities with dances, chants and lewd gestures. Bardic avoidance of violence and reaction benefits could be played differently. I guess having birth control and restore virginity spell could get such a bard in trouble.

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